Double Decker Living Root Bridge

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Double Decker Living Root Bridge-The Man-made marvel of Nature

#Sight Seeing in Cherrapunji

The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya, are nothing short of a beautiful fusion of man-made and natural pinnacle of construction. Originally created by the Khasi tribe, the roots or the “bridges” grow from the ancient rubber trees, which are found only in the North-East India. According to locals, some of these bridges are made from roots, which are well over 500 years old.

The major tourist attraction among these bridges is the Double Decker Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunji. The path to reach this particular Living Root Bridge consists of nearly 3000 stair-steps. And since the Bridges are not built, but grown naturally, the beauty of the Bridge is astounding. These indigenous architectural marvels provide a practically free alternative to wooden bridges, which get spoiled in an area receiving as much rain as Cherrapunji.

Special in Double Decker Living Root Bridge: Ask the locals to show you some other living root bridges, which are relatively newer.

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