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Why to travel Dhanaulti

It comes as a pleasant surprise for the enthusiastic weekend travelers, who find it peaceful, relaxed and laid-back. It’s a never had experience altogether. Hill stations have always been a paradise for nature lovers. Dhanaulti is one of them, situated about 24 km off Mussoorie, which is a haven for the trekking enthusiasts and weekend travelers alike. Serving as the base station for several treks into the mighty Himalayas, Dhanaulti is the major passage to the Tehri region of Garhwal. Traversing through the dense alpine forests, the path of the trek leads to Chandrabadni, Kunjapuri, the three sacred Shaktipeeths of the holy Devi Darshan triangle and Surkanda Devi. The mesmerizing view of the Himalayan peaks makes Dhanaulti an enticing destination for the tourists.

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