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Junagadh, the “old city” in Gujarat is an amalgamation of architecture and vibrant street life. Once, the capital of Nawab of Junagadh, this place is famous for its tourism and pilgrims. Towering over the city is Mt. Girnar, a holy site for Jains and Hindu that is climbed by a 9999-step staircase along peaks studded by temples that reach for the sky and look out across the plains.

If you love art then this place is a must visit for you. Here you can find inscriptions, statues, caves, shrines, castles, stepwells, tanks and canons dating back to 2nd century AD. A mixture of Buddhist monuments, mosques, Hindu temples, pretty mansions; the city depicts its glorious past. The town still has its old world charm A tour to Junagadh will allow one to capture the different facets and true essence of Gujarat.

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