Trek To Dhak Bahiri Caves, Karjat
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Trek To Dhak Bahiri Caves, Karjat

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Trek To Dhak Bahiri Caves, Karjat in Karjat

You can say it is the most dangerous trek in Sahyadris. The trek is divided into 3 levels. The first level of the trek is an easy trek of around 2-2.5 hours, that's the point from where the trek starts to get steep and risky to approach the Dhak Bahiri caves. Crossing the rocks and climbing up to reach the caves in not an easy task.

There is a clean fall and the inclination is around 70 – 80 degrees throughout. So a slip here and there while negotiating the rock patch and you are no more. After the horizontal trek, next up was a vertical climb and then a rope climb to top it all. The next 2 levels more risky. No wonder, many people gave up after 1st level. The climb will get riskier. However, once you reached the top, the feeling would indescribable.

Don’t attempt this trek if you are not confident of yourself. Best time to do trekking is at the end of monsoon season, when it doesn’t rain much, the rocks are not slippery but the weather is still pleasant.

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Maharashtra, India
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