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Devi Sthan, Mirik-Holy as well as picnic spot

#Temple in Mirik

The famous Hindu temple “Singha Devi Mandir” is located beautifully along the western banks of the Mirik Lake. Being among the most popular places in Mirik, this beautiful temple is set amidst the dense green Dhupi forest. Dedicated to the goddess Singha Devi, the temple is a perfect place for picnics, photography, and relaxation.

The temple premises has a group of temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Mahakali Mata. You will have to take the bridge route on the Mirik Lake to reach the temple. Devotees reach the temple at every occasion. It is a perfectly holy as well as a picnic spot. There are many other places to visit around the Mirik Lake, they include Mirik bazaar Shopping Centre and Pashupati Market. The beautiful lake and the comfortable atmosphere attracts the tourists. This place serves as the perfect place for clicking some awesome and great photographs. Hotels near the Mirik Lake and Devi-Sthan are easily available.

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