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Delhi Eye

#Theme park in New Delhi
Delhi Eye in New Delhi

Delhi Rides is a well known amusement park which has a lot of entertainment options for the entire family with its huge variety of activities. The place has a wide array of activities for the parents and children to experience together through whirling rides and a water park. It is absolutely an ideal place to spend a day at leisure amidst friends and family. The main attraction of the park is India’s highest giant wheel – “Delhi Eye”, the amusement park has given a brand new definition to adventure. This 200 ft Giant Wheel surely holds the attraction to pull masses by offering never-seen-before views of almost half Delhi.

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New Delhi
Delhi, India
Best time to visit New Delhi: 
Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
4 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
28.5455461°N, 77.3090997°E
Distance from New Delhi city center to Delhi Eye
-- km
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Opening and Closing Timings:

Monday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Thursday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Overall Rating:3.3

  '1' out of 5
"Ever worst water park i have ever visited.. rude staff.. not any type of co-operation.. and worthless to go.. waste of time and money.. better go for a shower in ur bathroom.."
  '2' out of 5
"Thoroughly useless.. Very limited view from the ferris wheel. All we could see is a few tall buildings in the vicinity and the Yamuna. Delhi being such a culturally rich place, one gets to see almost nothing from here. It's height is also not much. Avoid as much as possible. "
  '1' out of 5
"Useless, worthless, never ever go, staff is very rude, we waited for drinking water for 1 hour. one Thali is not provided while it is not mentioned on website. No water in bathroom. Food stuff was very expensive and was sold higher than MRP. Rides was for kids and not safe. Management is staff focused, no priority to customer"
  '4' out of 5
"Water park was good... Rides were ok... Dancing in shower on music was awesome !! Staff was not copretive"
  '3' out of 5
"Situated yamuna rive bank delhi rides equipped with world class delhi eye ride biggest one. the cabins are fully AC and secure for kids also"

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