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Shilloi Lake

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Shilloi Lake is the naturally made largest lake in Nagaland. This foot-shaped lake is beautifully beset with Pine trees all around that only adds to the scenic wonder. Tourists coming here can also engage in fishing, especially during June- September. Bird-lovers can marvel at Siberian Cranes and other birds that migrate to the lake during March-June.

Presently, the lake renders multiple facilities like guest houses or dormitory, meeting hall, playground, helipad and tourist friendly villagers and committee members. The nearby resorts guarantee an exciting and venturesome stay what with fetching one’s own firewood and ration. One can also go on a walking tour of the nearby Patakai Range and the Myanmar border. The lake, sheathed with mystical legends, allows travellers to soak in the vibrant culture and fascinating history of Nagaland.

Special in Shilloi Lake: Largest natural lake in Nagaland

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