Trekking at Thenmala Ecotourism
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Trekking at Thenmala Ecotourism

#Trekking in Thenmala
Trekking at Thenmala Ecotourism in Thenmala

Trekking is an excellent activity for all those who have their spirits for exploration intact. One to three-day guided trekking tours, available in this hilly terrain, are sure to leave the trekkers spellbound. There is a bird watching trail in Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary which caters to the enthusiasm of bird lovers.
Travelers can participate in the soft treks organized by Thenmala National Adventure Foundation as part of the Ecotourism Project. Different trekking programs with different durations are available for travelers to choose from. A short trek of 4 km to the Myristica Swamp Forest is both awe-inspiring and educative.
Minimum 5 Trekker or on equivalent payment of Rs.500.

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Kerala, India
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