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Traveling is not just change in the air but something that changes us for the better and brings out the best version of us. Travel is necessary because it fundamentally transforms us. It changes who you are to your very core. By taking a break from your daily life, unplugging from the pulls and pushes of technology and engaging in new activities in new places with handful amount of money and a baggage with a spirit to explore will bring out a whole different level of you. 

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There is so much more in life! So many things to do, see and discover. Travel gives you the ability to grow as a person in a multitude of ways. It reinforces your enthusiasm to broaden your horizons, to get unstuck and to move in new directions. You surround yourself with people who don’t know the encyclopedia of your past and will judge you by your actions.

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Travel is an escape to find the real you. So here are the ten ways travel will change your life for the better and why you should start planning your next trip away:

1. Travelling Is Discovering

You discover a life out of your comfort zone and start to appreciate what you have. Nothing changes the way you view your own life experience like seeing the way other people live. When you get down on the road you realize that being a part of a group or being social is really important. It’s sink or swim on the road. You learn to make friends out of strangers and get more comfortable approaching new people. You get better at the small talk. 

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Traveling to different regions you will be exposed to different lifestyle, language, beliefs and undoubtedly that will make you evaluate your own values. You’ll realize it’s different everywhere in the world and will gain the ability to cope up with various situations- favorable or unfavorable. 

” To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

– Danny Kaye 

2. More Confidence To You

New experiences help you build confidence. Navigating yourself throughout your trip will make come back with a new level of enthusiasm and confidence for conquering your personal goals. When you travel you realize that the only one that is going to take care of you is you. That might be scary at first, but the sense of achievement that comes with sorting your own problems out is incredibly empowering. Traveling doesn’t stand hesitation and uncertainty. The ability to make decisions is important, but the ability to make decisions when you are alone in a foreign place is literally vital.  (Source: Reader’s Digest)

Once you start traveling you realize that people surrounding you do not care about appearance or clothes but notices what you say and do. This will make you forget your imperfections and start to accept yourself for who you are carving out a much more confident person.

3.  Strengthen Your Working Skills

From making travel plans to managing the entire trip you have to be very responsible. Having the best experience of your life can actually make you more employable. Traveling develops qualities such as tolerance, flexibility, a fresh perspective, openness which most of the employers search in their employees. From each new trip, you will come back with a new outlook on life, fresh attitudes, and the zeal to take on new challenges. By traveling you communicate with different types of people and experience difficult circumstances and overcome them.

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Travelling makes you learn such skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. These abilities to work well with others and navigate complex situations can give you a real edge in job interviews. You can show you can do it, not just on paper, in reality too.

4. Tales To Tell 

Travel stories and experience stays with us forever. Many people run behind the luxuries of life and tend to feel that the world out there is an adverse place. But in reality, the world is a much more comfortable place full of surprises. While traveling you are going to come across many people and will have lots and lots of stories to tell. Every destination you have travel will give you stories and rich experiences to narrate. (Source- The Plaid Zebra)

The more you travel and discover, the more stories you gather. traveling is the opportunity to meet new people; people with whom we would have never met otherwise and connect with them on a deep level. It opens up a real platform for interaction and you get to see how other people live.

” Fill your life with adventures, not things. have stories to tell not stuff to show.” 

– Anonymous 

5. Real Life Companions

We are ruled by technology nowadays and often find hard to connect with someone on a meaningful level. Social media offers us a false sense of connection, yet as humans, our desire for connection is innate. But if you travel quite often then you’ll have friends all over the world. Not just some random people over Facebook but people whom you’ll get to know and interact face to face. During your own travels, you’ll make friends and always have a place to stay and a friend to show you around. Your new friendships open up your eyes to the world outside of your own, allowing you to gain a new perspective on life. Meeting people is one of the incredible things about traveling.

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Some of the people you meet on your adventures may be in and out of your life in a short period of time. Others can become trusted friends for years to come, future travel companions or even someone you may fall in love. 

6. Live In That Moment

When you travel across a city or a country just to see that one thing- may be a historic structure, scenery or anything you’ve never seen before, you take in the moment of awe and make the most of it. Traveling is a feast for your eyes and it makes you stop and live in that second, minute and moment. At that moment you don’t really think about what next you only try to capture it.

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The photographs that you take are priceless. Later when you return home, sipping a cup of tea and take a look at that picture will take you right back to that moment. 

7. Go With The Flow

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it.! Life isn’t perfect and similarly while traveling you are going to face a lot of frustrating situations that teach you how to cope up with these kinds of situations- slow buses, delays, missed flights, lost luggage, and even wrong directions! While traveling you get that life happens and you can’t change it.

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The sooner you learn to roll with whatever challenges come your way, the sooner you’ll be optimistic, care free and happy to move onto your next adventure. You eventually learn to manage most of the situations and understand that there aren’t a lot of things worth getting upset about. 


8. Places, People and You

Every destination you visit will not be the same as the previous one. Every region or place will have different cultures, and people have different beliefs but the common thing amongst them will be that they will always welcome you open arms. You become aware of the commonality people around the world and will find that people in different parts of the world are not so different after all. Humanity is the common thread that ties us all together.

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It will awaken the passion of learning about the new culture. Ranging from very practical skills like learning to sail a boat, to communication skills and even creative skills, you will learn things you never knew you were good at. Even your old thoughts and beliefs will change in a positive way.

” All journeys have secret destinations of which traveler is unaware about. “

– Martin Buber 

9. Depending upon your Instincts

When we are at home we are constantly guided what to do what not to do, what is right and what isn’t and many times ignore our instincts. But while traveling, especially if traveling solo, you learn to trust and follow your instincts as they navigate you throughout the trip.

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This will make you believe in yourself.

10. Freedom

While traveling you don’t have to worry going back to the office, work, bring groceries etc. Instead every morning you have new fun activity, new places to discover and free from all the boundations. You’ll taste the freedom and trust me, it’s addictive.

It’s all about you! You don’t need to cook; go to a fancy restaurant and eat, meet new people and have a good laugh. Pamper yourself. This is the only time you have no set time tables and every day is full of surprises.

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It’s all about you! You don’t need to cook; go to a fancy restaurant and eat, meet new people and have a good laugh. Pamper yourself. This is the only time you have no set time tables and every day is full of surprises.

” Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” 
– Frank Borman 

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Every place has a hidden treasure of scenic beauty and food culture. Travelling a destination will not make your eyes rich but will also give your tongue and tummy a treat. From Varanasi’s trail through ghats and lip smacking Rabdi to Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge and mach er jhol and mishit doi (fish curry and flavored yogurt) every travel destination will be a complete package. Travelling will not only is about discovering places but also about the true self. Things you may never discover or find out if you don’t travel. Love, opportunity, experiences, skills… the list is endless.

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So what are waiting for? Pack your bags and set yourself out because it’s time for a change.

About the author, Liya James

Hi, I am Liya!! I first traveled the globe when I was four months old when we immigrated to the United States from Indonesia, and I have been roaming the world every chance I get ever since. I've been to 15 countries and counting. I am passionate about experiencing new cultures and sharing my adventures with others. I believe that travel is the best education, and I am excited to continue learning and sharing these adventures with you.

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