15 odia must have cuisines while you are in Odisha




  1. Pokhala bhata- also known as water rice is one of the famous food of Odisha . It is prepared using cooked rice and fermented water and this is one of the best summer coolant and can be enjoyed with fried vegetables or fish
  2. chena podo- it is basically a must have sweet  for people with sweet tooth and is prepared from fresh cheese,sugar and nuts and baked till brown . 
  3. Mudhi Mansa-it is the famous delicacy of Baripada where spicy mutton curry and puffed rice are mixed and eaten along with some green chillies and onion rings.
  4. podo pitha-it is basically a cake which is completely different from the defination of a conventional cake. It is prepared using a clay oven overnight and burnt a little which is where it gets its name from ‘podo’ means burnt.
  5. Ghanta-this dish is a mixture of vegetables sometimes also made with fish is packed with nutrition and tasty at the same time.
  6. Dalma- it is a type of dal which is made by mixing two or more types of dal and lots of veggies and mostly prepared on all special occasions and best enjoyed with steam rice or puris
  7. Arisa pitha-it is always available in odia households and one of the favourite tea time snack . It’s main ingredients include grounded rice and jaggery and other ingredients vary according to one’s own choices.
  8. Chakuli pitha- it is prepared from a mixture of grounded rice and water and considered as one of the healthiest breakfast and is enjoyed with groundnut and coconut chutneys.
  9. Manda pitha-unlike all other pithas available in Odisha this is steamed type of pitha which is prepared in time of festivals . It is made from semolina and has sweetened coconut filling inside and is best for diet conscious people.
  10. Pheni-it is one of the prasad given to Lord Jagannath and found mostly in puri.
  11. Rasabali- it is also a prasad given to Lord Jagannath and is basically cheese balls fried and served with thickened milk .
  12. Dahibara aloodum- one of the most famous street food of Odisha mostly cuttack . One can eat this during anytime be it breakfast lunch or dinner . This is a must have
  13. Dahi macha- this is a heavenly dish for all sea food lovers . It is prepared with perfect blend of mustard gravy and curd and is best enjoyed along with steamed rice.
  14.  Badi churra- it is mostly enjoyed with pokhala bhaat and is prepared from crushed badis along with chopped onions ,garlic and green chillies. It is very easy to make and a must have.
  15. Khatta- it is basically a sweet and tangy chutney and mostly enjoyed as a side dish. There are various types of this khatta including tomato khatta , mango khatta and elephant Apple khatta.

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