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Summer is here, we all can feel the heat now. 

Most of us have already started planning on how to beat the heat and find amazing escapes. I assure you that there’s nothing better than spending your summer trekking with your buddies through scenic landscapes while gazing at snow-capped mountains or mesmerising lakes. 

Here is a short list of treks that will definitely blow your mind away.

1. Pin Parvati

Pin Parvati Pass is a great Trans Himalayan trek for seasoned trekkers. You will be dazzled with the spectacular beauty this trek has to offer and overlook the challenges it throws back at you. It is a 100 km trail of nonstop thrills for those who seek adventure with reasonable risks. 

To begin with the trails is ill-defined and badly washed out during monsoon. Finding the route inside the dense forests of Great Himalayan National Park can confuse even the most experienced trekker. Crossing the Parvati River and its tributaries can be a harrowing experience and traversing the un-roped deceptive crevasses of the high altitude Pin Parvati Pass has its risks. Despite these challenges, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most sought after high altitude Himalayan pass treks.


Altitude – 5320m

Difficulty Level – Hard

Duration – 9-11 Days

2. Roopkund

The Roopkund Trek is to a Himalayan trekker what the movie ‘Sholay’ is to a hardcore Bollywood buff. Just like Sholay is the complete Bollywood entertainer (it has action, drama, comedy, romance), Roopkund is the quintessential Himalayan trek. This trek has snowcaps, meadows, lakes, forests, folklore; and yes, it has an intriguing flashback too. 

Roopkund is a mountain lake, lying in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Chamoli district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand.Situated at a high altitude, the lake remains frozen almost throughout the year. Roopkund is also called the ‘Mystery Lake’, or the ‘Skeletal Lake’, on account of the several hundred human skeletons found scattered in and around the lake. 

Image By: Roopkundtrek.co.in

Altitude – 5030m

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Duration – 7-8 Days

3. Markha Valley

The Marka Valley is in Ladakh. Markha Valley is one of the most famous treks of Ladakh Region. While trekking on through this trek tourists passes through beautiful Buddhist Monasteries, Mountain Villages, High altitude pastures of Nimaling and High altitude peak Kangyatse.

Markha Valley trek is located between the Zanskar and Ladakh, in the Himalaya region. This valley runs parallel to the Himalayan range. Markha Valley trek has beautiful, wild and barren landscapes. These landscapes are linked with the Ladakh also known as “Little Tibet”. These landscapes are very dramatic and enticing.

Image By: Mark Holmes

Altitude – 5150m

Difficulty Level – Hard

Duration – 7 Days

Best Time To Do – June To October

4. Dodital

An ideal beginners trek in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trek includes camping alongside the beautiful Dodital ( Dodi Lake) before traversing the Darwa Pass. The pass affords impressive views of the mighty Bandarpunch(link) and the snowy ridges of the Dhaula Dhar as well as the forested ridges and meadows leading down to Hanuman Chatti a famous pilgrim town. 

There are interesting side trips, including a foray to Yamunotri and the Bandarpunch Base Camp from this trek. The trek to DodiTal commences from Agoda. A visitor encounters splendor of nature en route Dodi Tal.

Image By: www.traveldglobe.com

Altitude – 4150m

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Duration – 6 Days

5. Har Ki Dun 

Not many know why Har Ki Dun is such a special trek. Har Ki Dun or Hari Ki Dun ( “Valley of Gods”) is a trail that takes you back in time. It follows the sparkling Supin river through a cradle shaped valley populated with villages that are over 3,000 years old. The stone roofs, the two-storeyed wooden houses and doors with ornate carvings are out of the pages of history. You’ll find villages hanging on mountain tops in such a way that you’ll be left wondering how exactly they got there! No other trek is so steeped in mythology to justify the title of “Valley of Gods”. 

It is a 2-day trek usually done in two stages. The first stage is from Taluka to Seema/Osla, and second stage is from Seema/Osla to Har Ki Dun. Return route is the same.


Altitude – 3500m

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Duration – 7-8 Days

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