7 Must Visit Places in India




7 Must Visit Places in India

India” a paradise of rich cultural heritage and traditions! Everyone knows how beautiful and serene India is and how people of this country are so warm and welcoming and also how the tradition and culture is so well preserved even with indulgence of all the modernization of the world. We often find reason to get out of this boring life w have and plan for vacations and a vacation can never be a vacation if we are simply moving from one city to another. A true vacation is to get to the forest, see the goodness of nature and find the long lost peace in rural. Urbanisation might have done wonders to the nation but the essence always lies in the rural., the mountains, the primitive life! For those of you who are city dwellers, today we have the best of the country for you. Well, the list of all the goodness of the country is never ending so we have listed 7 cardinal and must visit places in India that will speak for itself. Here we go…

1. Kullu – Manali: We the over civilized people are forever in need to find peace out of our hustling bustling life. It is said that over civilized people going to mountains are a synonym of going home! And when we talk about mountains, Kullu Manali just cannot be missed. Personally, Kullu Manali is my all time favourite destination and I’m sure it is everybody’s too. Frankly speaking, Himachal Pradesh is complete tourist attraction but Kullu Manali has its own charm. Right from it local Tibetan delicacies to it serenity, it has everything covered. For a fact Kullu and Manali due to its close proximity are considered as a single destination but in reality two individual places. Situated at the greater Himalyan ranges, it has the best of Himalayan beauty. The first among the must visit places is Kullu-Manali is because well… who doesn’t wish to get out of their busy schedule and explore the vallies and mines of beauty here. Kullu Manali is best travel destination be it any age group, a family, a couple or a group of teenagers or a solo trip this place is apt for all of us!

2. Munnar – Kerala: “Kerala, gods own country as the say!” This state has its very own definition of beauty. Be it Munnar, Kovalam, Idukki, Wayanad or any other place, the beauty is always up a ladder. But Munnar has its own set of heaven. Imagine a place which is a paradise of peace and quietness, unending chain of mountains encompassing the city, intriguing aroma of flavors all over the place and a wide region with tea estates. This is the thing that rings a bell when I consider Munnar. Known as ‘God’s own particular nation’ , Munnar is a stunningly lovely slope station set at an elevation of 6000ft in the Idukki area of Kerala. The photo culminate town, with its winding paths and the tranquility of its tea gardens makes Munnar the most looked for slope station in South India. When it comes to planning a trip to South, Kerala has always made me crave for more and Munnar just served as an icing to the cake. With a lot of traveller’s attraction, it is also one of the most preferred locations for shootings for its beauty. Remember Sharukh Khan and Deepika padukone’s Kashmir mei tu Kanyakumari? It has been shot in Munnar! Amazing isn’t it? This place has a lot more to give than just tea plantation. The climate here is most of the time so pleasant that you would not wish to ever leave but life is difficult right? This place is an absolute must visit no matter where you come from. So next time you can make it to Kerala, do pay a visit to Munnar.

3. Gulmarg- Kashmir: Kashmir is known as heaven on earth and the beauty justifies it all! Gulmarg is one amongst the pearls of Kashmir, the apple of Kashmir’s eye (apple pun intended). Though due to recent attrocities Kashmir has lost its tourists but attrocities come and they go but what matters is the beauty and the beauty of Kashmir would always last. Gulmarg – the Meadow of Flowers genuinely satisfies its name. While in summers the valley is run with daytrippers from Srinagar and sightseers from over the world, the winter season sees ski and snowboard aficionados hurrying to Gulmarg – India’s chief ski resort. Yet, the various spots to visit in Gulmarg are open during the time for the individuals who wish to catch the excellence with their cameras or only their eyes. A most loved destination of the yesteryear Bollywood films, the ideal Strawberry Field is a standout amongst the most excellent spots to visit in Gulmarg. Explorers can stroll to this flawless piece of Gulmarg or take a horse ride. Amid summers, the new strawberries are ready to be culled and relished. Gulmarg is a must visit places for everyone who wishes to experience heaven on earth in real sense.

4. Udaipur – Rajasthan: Rajasthan has been my dream destination because of its rich culture, traditions and people and this place honestly has been one of my must visit place list since forever. I have friends from Udaipur and the beauty of this place can be guessed in the pride of people living here. The serene of this place is… ahh of atomic level, if there is a term like that!!! jokes apart, Be it the Pink City, or the city of palaces – Udaipur the beauty just does not fail to astonish you. Udaipur is synonymous with glory, legacy, grandeur, extravagance, and royalty. From imperial architechture and tranquil lakes, to delightful food, and brilliant strip malls — the regal city has everything. Most likely, this city is a legacy vacationer goal and has been pulling in travelers from everywhere throughout the world to its lakes and castles. Appropriate here, in this city, you’ll get the opportunity to witness a varied combination of what’s gone and what’s on. Udaipur’s appeal has constantly awed the affection feathered creatures, and this is the reason it’s viewed as a standout amongst the most sentimental goals in India. Udaipur is a big time must visit for all who love the beauty of lakes, paradise of palaces and the rich cultures of ancient India.

5. Red Fort – Delhi:Delhi” a state which has its own series of history and beauty to look for. The hustle-bustle of the city does not stop it from becoming the most popular tourist attractions of India. Be it Red Fort or The India Parliament or the ruins tallest Minar of India or the best India Gate, Sarojni market, Chandi Chowk, Lotus temple, gardens, museums, the food and the list just does not end. Delhi has its own list of hidden gems amongst them lies Red Fort or commonly known as Lal Killa. Delhi’s most popular tourist spot, the Red Fort, remains as an intense reminder of the Mughal sovereigns who ruled India. It extends for more than two kilometers and were worked to keep out intruders. Be that as it may, they could not stop the fort being captured by the Sikhs and the British. To take your imagination back to the ancient era, a one hour sound and light show of the fort’s history is held each evening. A must visit place for everyone who wishes to know about India’s true history. No one minds traveling but I know the budget making bothers everyone. Well you need not worry about traveling anymore because we have got you covered this time. With Musafir coupons you can get up to 20% off on your flight bookings now. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get set go!

6. Taj Mahal – Agra UttarPradesh: Who hasn’t caught wind of the one of the 7 Wonders of The World? Since our childhood, we have been hearing stories of Taj Mahal and how Shahajahan built this wonder of the world in memories of it beloved wife. Honestly, until I visited Taj Mahal it was my dream to visit this place since forever. The place is so exqisite and elegant that nobody can resist falling in love with Taj Mahal. This marble clad structure is the pride of Agra, and emerges among every other place there. It was worked by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a token of his adoration for his better half Mumtaz Mahal. That is for the history we know.

What is extremely so convincing about it is the design and the multifaceted carvings engraved on the vaults and not to overlook the huge light fixtures. Add to it the hypnotizing gardens and the stunning perspective you get when you enter the place. It feels like paradise! What’s more, near it stands the Fort in which the Emperor really lived – The Agra Fort. Worked from a blend of Red Sandstone and Marble, the place is the best case to comprehend the engineering of royal residences. What’s more, a guide will promptly reveal to you the different accounts about the exercises of the place. This place is an absolute must visit for multiple reasons to state. So if you ever get an opportunity to drop in here, you dare not miss it!

7. Marine Drive – Mumbai: Aamchi Mumbai” yes that is exactly what Mumbai is known as. The people of Mumbai are just so warm and welcoming that the name resembles the people of this city. Known for its tourists attraction, Actors, street food and shoppers paradise, Ferry rides, Shopping, Vada pav and so on because the list is not going to end so soon. Mumbai has everything covered. It is a city of dreams for a lot of people. If you have not been to Mumbai yet, you are missing the most of your do to list already. ‘The Queens Necklace’ that is Marine Drive in Mumbai is an absolute must visit place for everyone for its beauty and peace. Who says you can’t find peace in Mumbai? Inspite of all the crowd the sunset, the beach, the sea view is immensely peaceful. If you can ever make it to this place at night, mark my words you would remember this place as the most beautiful place you have ever seen. The Girgoan Chowpati beach adds up to its beauty. Also the beach serves amazing food like chaats, gola, pav bhaji, and a lot other local delicacies. This is my personal favourite and in my opinion a must visit place for every person over this green earth. If you ever find yourself in this city, visit every nook you can and lastly the queens necklace, how else can you find peace in Mumbai?

So these were our 7 cardinal must visit places of India. India has number of beautiful places and amongst them lies gem of India’s cultures, traditions and history and above mentioned places are just few of them. If you have not been to any of the above mentioned place yet, now you know what’s the next destination to plan for. Get out of your busy schedule and know your country well. Life could be hard, work could be even harder but travel? Travel might become tiring at some point but one can never get bored of it! If you ever get a some time in your life, leave mending your titter and tatters and go out, visit some place and ask out all the questions hidden in you out wild and trust me you will find peace or maybe when get old, wish for a time stone to the stars so you can live adventures all over again! All you need is to pack your bags and get ready to witness the beauty at its finest and don’t forget to make your memories picture perfect and lasting. Click those cameras till your heart is content and has escaped into your lala land. Happy journey!

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