Barot: The Himalayan Paradise




Paradise – A place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness.
Heaven is considered as paradise or sometimes used as its synonym, often these heavenly places could also be found on the earth itself.

One of those heavenly places, ideal for backpackers and adventurers is Borat Valley in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. 

Surrounded by the high mountain range of Dhauladhar and thick forest of pine with two rivers flowing makes this place the beautiful paradise it is.

Borat is famous for its trout fish, which the rivers are full of. 
There are three artificial lakes including one reservoir on Uhl river magnifies the beauty of this hidden treasure. The water ejecting fountain of Barot valley on Uhl river makes the place mesmerising.  

Opposite to the fountain lies two temples. One of the local deity of rain- Dev Pashakot, whereas the other, is old temple which has witnessed the majority of couples of Valley getting tied in marital bonds.

Things to do in Barot: 

1) Trekking: Barot is full for short hikes and long treks. Everyone can choose the hike depending on their physical strength and enthusiasm. 

2) Rock climbing: Give your mental and physical strength a test with doing rock climbing here. Rock climbing is a great stress buster too. So why wait just climb the rocky hill and see the beautiful Barot Valley from the top. 

3) Waterfall rappelling: One of the first waterfall rappeling in North India is present only in Barot. Rappel down the waterfall and get the feeling of accomplishment and joy. 

4) Camping: Camp alongside the Uhl river with your family and friends and forget the stress of city.  Count the stars in the night. Find the  Orion(the hunter), Ursa major, Ursa minor, Draco, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, etc and the deepest secret of night.

5) Fishing/Angling: Angling is one of best leisure activity to do along the Uhl river and enjoy the leisure time with friends and family. Barot is the best place to do angling in one of the trout farms build along the Uhl river. 

6) Paragliding: Enjoy the one of kind paragliding in Barot. Fly like a bird and touch the clouds to get the enchanting views of Barot and Dhauladhar ranges.

7) Ziplining: Strap yourselves and get ready to Zip lining on the top of Uhl river.

8) River Crossing: Play with water when gushing water of Uhl river splashed on your face and body. Cross the river to enjoy this wonderful feeling with proper protection and harness. 

Places to visit in Barot: 

1) Badagran village: The most beautiful village of the Barot Valley filled with cauliflower farming. Badagran is 14km from Barot. 

2) Rajgundha/Kukurgundha Village: An offbeat forest area in the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is blessed with a panoramic view of snow-capped peaks of Dauladhar Ranges. Rajgundha has two guest house available for stay. 

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3) Lohardi Village: A short trail from Barot leads to Lohardi village. 

4) Haulage Trolley: Haulage trolley or truck ride that was made in about 1926 for carrying construction material of Shanan power project from Joginder Nagar to Barot where reservoir on Uhl river and tunnel has made.

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5) Nalhota Village: The offbeat and unexplored village 2 km from Badagran hidden in the beautiful valley of Barot. It is situated near the Uhl river and close to the Travel d’globe campsite. 

6) Palachak: Among the dense forest of Deodar’s and the Oak, 2 km trek from Badagran village is a small village called Palachak, hidden from outside world. 

7) Hanuman Garh Fort: The Hanumangarh Fort is at a height of 3200 mts on the top of a Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. This fort is said to be the guarding fort of Mandi area. Hanuman Garh fort is named after devotion of Bhangaliyan king toward Lord Hanuman. 

8) Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary: Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of brown bear, jackal, Monal, Nilgai, wild cat, ghoral and various birds. 

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Borat is a persistent backpackers and day tourist destination. With many trekking trails passing through Barot, including the trails to Bada Bhangal, Manali and Kullu. Most of the tourists are attracted by the peaceful surroundings and the cheap availability of accommodations. 

If you want a place to have a break, away from people, pollution and city life, Borat is a place for you to be.

What are you waiting for plan your trip to Barot valley and enjoy the adventure activities there

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