Best Places To Hangout With Friends In Ahmedabad




Best Places to Hangout with Friends in Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad, also known as Amdavad (basically a pronunciation in Gujarati) is the largest city of Gujarat, a state in India. Ahmedabad observes a wide range of festivals. Popular celebrations here include Makar- Sankranti also known as Uttarayan and Navratri – a nine night festival.

So, if you are travelling to Ahmedabad with your friends, here below is a list of places and things got to do in Ahmedabad.


Want to hangout with friends in Ahmedabad ?

Here I am providing you the list of things you should do to relax, chill and enjoy with your buddies.

1.Riverfront :-

Ahmedabad is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. 

Riverfront is a walkway-waterfront developed on the banks of river. It’s a beautiful place for enjoying and having a glance on  Ahmedabad city by standing on the banks of river.

What to do here ?

Different activites are performed on riverfront like :-

  1.     Boating :- You can enjoy boating with your friends , which is on eastern bank near Subhash bridge and                            other two points are on western bank near Nehru bridge and Sardar bridge .
  2.     Zipline :-  Get Adventurous here for crossing river Sabarmati on a zipline. Ziplining is basically for around         15 minutes at Sabarmati Riverfront at Sardar bridge behind NID.

       3.     Parks and Gardens :- On a slightly more higher level besides the river a beautiful park is constructed with                               lushy green grass and a pleasant environment.

              So this was the first place to enjoy.


Sabarmati Riverfront


2. Kankaria :-

Kankaria the largest lake in Ahmedabad located in the south-eastern  part of the city, in area Maninagar .

What to Do here ?

This place is not just a lake it’s a pride of Ahmedabad serving with a number of attractions and activites. This place is always ready to entertain you with its beauty.

Kankaria carnival here is a week-long festival conducted in the last week of December.

Now, lets check the attractions and activites here :-

  1.     Kankaria Zoo
  2.     Toy train (basically for all ages)
  3.     Kid’s City
  4.     Water rides
  5.     Balloon ride
  6.     Mirror Maze
  7.     Nagina Wadi musical Fountain (basically conducted after sun sets) . Nagina wadi is an island in centre of Kankaria lake. Musical fountain with multicolour lights catches the eye here.

And yehh the list isn’t over, check out the below link for further details :- .


Are you a real car lover ?

If your answer is Yess… Then you are going to love this below place :-


3. Auto World Vintage Car Musuem :-

So here is a great treat for car lovers from Ahmedabad to give you. This place is located at Dastan Estate, S.P. Ring Road, Kathwada.

What to do here ?

Here you get a chance for clicking pictures (extra charge for clicking pictures is taken as per rate card) with the vintage cars from the worlds top companies like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, Mercedes , & many  more other companies.

Here there are collection of ancient cars from britisher’s era as well . And the royal collection of Maharaja’s car are also here. This place gives you the feel of royalty lived by Maharajas of Gujarat as well as India.

A must visit place in Ahmedabad for the visitors . Don’t forget to add to your list.

Check it out at


4. Gujarat Science City :-

Let’s have an educational tour with friends in relation with realistic science experience.

Gujarat Science city developed specially to experience, learn , innovate, and understand the science in its way. Usually students gather here and gain knowledge on their fileds of interest.

I would recommend this as a best place to move with friends.

This place keeps you anxious with its attractions :-

It includes a variety in a unmatched and unique way you would hardly found in any part of the country.

  1.     Imax- 3D theatre :- A best place to watch and experience 3D films with friends.
  2.     Planet Earth Pavilion
  3.     Hall of Science
  4.     Electrodrom
  5.     Hall of Space
  6.     Life science park

For more details please check the below link along with the entry price list and other rates :-


  Ohh!!! Travelled so much , Now Hungry Kya ??

Let’s check out popular outlets in city for tummy filling.

The top in the list that fulfils the taste-buds of all your friends comes here is :-


1. Manek–Chowk

Manek-chowk a multitasking place of Ahmedabad in the midst of the city. Multitasking ??? Slightly Confused right ??? Lets see, Here in the morning there is a vegetable market , in the daytime or say afternoon a jewellery market and in the night here begins the food stalls with all variety of indian food .

The food available here is pure Veg. This market depicts the night life in Ahmedabad. The market is open from 8:00pm to 1:30 am around .

All for food lovers a must-must visit place in Ahmedabad. Do visit this place and must spare some quality time with friends here.

Specialities here are Gwalior Dosa, Manek-chowk special sandwich (popularly known as Gughro Sandwich) and Pav-bhaji. Don’t try to forget special ice-cream here.


2. CEPT Khau-Gali

Street linked with schools, colleges and universities turns into food heaven place at night with international dishes like Mexican, Thai , Chinese, Italian etc…

It’s a best place in city to taste all international cuisines at one place.

A best place for food gluttons. It’s a good pocket friendly place also.

You could add this to your list if you really want to try something new.


3. Seva Café

Lets do some volunteering with our friends here !!!

Imagine a restaurant where there a no menu cards. No menu cards??? Really ??? Yes .

Seva Café is a place where group of volunteers get-together and make food and serve as a restaurant. There are no fixed prices for the food you eat, it’s upto you to pay the amount.

Your group of friends can also join here and help in cooking or serving or any other task needed.

Timings here are 7pm-10pm

6 Days a week. And usually they are closed on Mondays.



4. Cafes and Clubs:-

There are many varieties of cafes and clubs in city to hangout with friends.

Rajpath club, Karnavati club, Club 07 etc… and many others.

Ahmedabad has got many cafes to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with you friends group such as Upper-crust , Swati Snacks centre, All the perks and many others.


Now Lets do something interesting with our gang of buddies.

Are you adventurous or brave !!!

Yehh!!! Brave


If you come to know about a horror place in Ahmedabad then ?

Yes Horror .Here’s a Place :-

Signature Farm

There is a place called Signature Farm. It’s a top haunted place in among the list of haunted places in Gujarat. It looks quite haunted due to very less populated, no mobile tower (you could get sometimes), and it even looks scary during the day time.

There are lots of sculptures an statues , which are somewhat broken, some even look like they are cut from half.

Statues of horses and Buddha are also here in a unique size , cut and shape.

Many people have visited this place in midnight to experience the real horror. And Yess they have heard sounds as if horses are running towards them .

This place is believed to have seen a mass massacre and the massacred villagers are believed to roam the area at night. Really a scary place !!!!

You could go here at your own risk. !!!

But if you think that all of the above discussed was joke, then you must try once.


Now lets have some Happy Street talk

Happy Street


It is an initiative by Times of India group in collaboration with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad city police.

Happy streets is conducted on Sunday morning .

Friends gather here to perform music with musical instruments and play games of their choices.

It’s a best way to start Sunday morning with your friends.

It is conducted on C.G. Road in city on Sunday morning between 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

A must try , but I know it would be difficult for you to get up early on Sundays morning. But still a must try with your friends to enjoy on streets and perform on streets.


  •  So the above mentioned all places were the best places to hangout with your friends.

          Hope you enjoyed the list and thanks for reading it.

I hope this information might be quite helpful for you and might have solved your many doubts regarding many places. Thanks once again !!!!


Have a happy visit to Ahmedabad.

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