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The celebrated arts capital of UAE, Sharjah is recognized by UNESCO as the cultural capital of the country as well. The emirate of Sharjah is a delightful treat for art and museum lovers. What makes the emirate even more amazing is the fact that it is still very conventional when it comes to traditions and cultures of the Islamic religion. It is the perfect place if you want to learn more about the cultural beliefs of the Arabs. Tourists come to the emirate for its amazing museums, art galleries, souks and more.

Here’s a list of some of the best tourist attractions in Sharjah that definitely should not be missed while you’re there.

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

With more than 5000 artifacts from the Islamic world, Sharjah museum is the perfect place if you want to know the roots of Arab culture. The number of religious and scientific manuscripts and Islamic craftwork and arts on display takes you through the pearls of wisdom of Islam. The collections of items include artifacts and coins from the Abbasid and Omayyad eras. The museum includes prayer rooms, spacious parking, cafeteria, restrooms, and souvenir shops.

2. The Blue Souk

Souk is a term used for the market in Arabic. The Blue souk is a well-known name for the Central Market. The name Blue souk is a result of the intricate blue colored tile work in the mesmerizing building. With over six hundred shops inside offering almost everything under the sun from antiques, clothing, electronics, food, carpets and more, it is a must in Sharjah sightseeing. It is a must visit for its grandeur and unique product offering including the authentic Arabian, Omani and Yemeni items. It is a perfect place for exotic souvenirs.

3. Kalba

There are a lot many reasons to visit this picturesque fishing village of Kalba.  Not only does it boast of the engaging Al- Hisn museum but also the House of Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al-Qassimi. While the Al- hisn museum was initially built as a fort almost 200 years ago, the House of Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al-Qassimi offers a beautiful display of traditional artifacts, music instruments, and antique furniture.  Another gorgeous reason to visit Kalba is the Khor Kalba village is the khor kalba conservation reserve. A bird watcher’s paradise, it has the most northerly mangrove forest across the globe.

4. Sharjah natural history Museum and Desert Park

The flora and fauna of the Arabian desert are at its best at the Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert park. It consists of the Diorama hall that depicts various desert inhabitants for you to explore. It also has a special children’s farm where they can play with the animals and learn more about their better keeping. Proceed to the Geology hall that explains the complex earth concepts in easy video forms such as the earthquakes, tectonic plate drifts, and other concepts. All in all, the place is a must visit if you’re going to Sharjah with children.

5. Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime museum

The Sharjah Aquarium is the best place to see the exotic sea life. The significance of sea in the city’s development is aptly highlighted at the Sharjah Maritime museum located just next to the Sharjah Aquarium. From the traditional wooden dhows used to cruise in the medieval era to the pearl collecting and fishing instruments that were once vital for the sustenance of life here are all at the display and offers great insight into the era gone by.

6. Sharjah Heritage Area

Every city has an area that is totally dedicated to its past glory. The Sharjah Heritage area is the perfect example of the same. From the various museums and forts including the Sharjah Heritage Museum, Souk Al Arsah, Al Midfaa House, Al Hisn Sharjah and Hisn Fort; the heritage area in Sharjah also has various shops selling ideal souvenir items like the wooden handicrafts, jewelry, and traditional garments.

7. Al Qasba

The best way to unwind from the overdose of knowledge and information from the various galleries and museums of Sharjah is to visit the suburb of Al Qasba and relax in its glittery entertainment options. The highlight of Al Qasba is the famous Eye of the Emirates Ferris wheel. Ride on to it and see the amazing skyline of Sharjah and is neighbouring emirates from a completely different overview.

Fascinating facts about Sharjah that makes you fall in love with it:

  • While most of the tourists believe it to be Dubai, the tourism capital of UAE is Sharjah. Yes, and this is so because the city offers a perfect blend of modern infrastructure and cultural heritage
  • The compact city of Sharjah has a lot to offer when you compare its overall area. Yes, while some may argue that it is the third largest emirate of UAE, over 75% of the total population of Sharjah resides in just 90 square miles.
  • Sharjah is the only emirate of UAE that has land on both its east and west sides unlike the other six emirates of UAE.
  • The city of Sharjah has the most advanced healthcare facilities in all of UAE and its healthcare industry is over a billion dollar.

Sharjah’s rich architectural heritage and cultural influence have great significance in the world tourism and travel industry. Not only does the emirate managed to retain its position as the cultural capital of the country but it has grown exponentially without losing its cultural and traditional essence. This is no mean feat for such a huge emirate. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Sharjah trip today.

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