Digha: A blissful beach town




                                                                Digha: A blissful beach town

Digha is a sea beach town in the state of West Bengal situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. It is a beautiful destination known for its scenic beauty and untouched beaches. It is the most popular sea beach resort amongst people of West Bengal. Digha is a one-stop destination for friends, couples, and family. A trip to Digha will give lifetime memories to cherish. 

It is known for its leisure, spiritual and natural attractions. It is best known for its magnificent beaches, religious temples and high-tech research centers and museums and it offers various activities for all age groups. Digha’s sceneries also offer you the pleasure experienced in witnessing areas that are barely touched.The latest attraction of Digha is the Science Centre Museums and the beautiful casuarina plantations.

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Top things to do in Digha:

Sea beaches are the most famous tourist attraction in Digha. You cannot miss on beaches. The 4 untouched sea beaches of Digha are:-

1) New Digha Beach– This one is a man-made beach, created 2 km away from the old one. It is better planned and more easily accessible from nearby hotels. The new beach is bigger, less crowded and better maintained compared to the Old Digha beach.

2) Talasari Beach– Lined with coconut and palm trees all along, Talasari beach is famous among sea food lovers for the delicacies it offers. The place has an amazing view with all the stretches of greens peeking through the mountains and the rivers.It is 7 km away from the city.

3) Shankarpur Beach– It is situated15 km from Digha, Shankarpur is a sea beach with a lovely view of the beach surrounded by local fish boats and rows of trees giving visitors the picture perfect moments, near the beach, there are also a few temples in Shankarpur.

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4) Udaypur Sea Beach– If you’re looking for quality time and tranquil beach atmosphere, Udaipur beach is the right place to visit. The beach has lonely, deserted stretches of seashore where you can just walk along, take a dip in the water or just rent a bike to roam around.It is 7 km away from the city.

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The 2 main tourist and most visited destination in Digha are:

1) Marine Aquarium and Research Centre(MARC)/ Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India – Marine Aquarium cum regional centre – is a major tourist attraction for all Digha visitors. It has the largest inbuilt aquarium in India. The aquarium has three kinds of creatures: species of conservative importance, ‘local and curious’ species and freshwater species.

Image source – Zoological Survey of India

2) Temple of Chandaneswar– Situated at a distance of 6-8 km from Digha, Chandaneswar Shiv temple has mythology and folklore depicting its creation and history. The temple plays host to a huge annual fair on the first day of Oriya calendar and sees an influx of a large number of tourists every year.

Hotels in Digha –

Budget hotels, luxury hotels, and resorts are easily available for stay in Digha. Here are a few recommendations:

The Palm Resort: Hotel with an open resort area, swimming pool, indoor games. The rooms and hotel service are good. The sea food served at the restaurant is mouth watering. On the downside, the location is a little far from the beach.

Orbit Residency: Orbit is in the league of luxury hotels in Digha. Clean and big rooms, excellent room service, courteous staff and great restaurant – Orbit has everything. There is a big swimming pool, which is well maintained.

Digha Food: 

If you want to have your meals outside as the restaurant is a little overpriced. Restaurants and local food in Digha- Digha serves some of the best seafood, fish delicacies, and local Bengali cuisine. Hence, don’t miss out on the Pomfret, Rohu, Bhetki, Fried Fish and Tiger prawns. Vegetarians too have a good deal of options such as Continental cuisine. Other than these, do sip into the fresh coconut water, available at very low prices here. In case you want to travel for food you can visit the nearby town Shankarpur it serves delicious local cuisines. Motorcycle, rickshaw, vans are available for travel within the place. Alternately, you can choose to walk around.

Beaches make it a perfect destination for honeymooners. Perfect for nature lovers. Digha is great for photography enthusiasts. Nice place for those who love seafood.

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