Haunted or not? Bhangarh ruins are exciting.




Just 85 kms away from Jaipur, there is the most haunted fort of India. The entry is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. I along with my friend Radhika, decided to take this journey. We took a bus from Jaipur to Dausa. Dausa has its own railway station so you can also come by train. 

Upon reaching the town we were left with 2 hours of more drive to the Fort. Surprisingly, no one was happily willing to tell us the directions or the transport mode. We managed to rent e-rishkshaw for our to and fro journey. He agreed to take us there and bring back, with a stay of 3 hours.

The road was pretty smooth with some glitches in the middle. However, we reached Bhangarh fort. There was temple at the start of the gate, probably to keep the dark spirits contained in the boundaries.

The fort was really big and a small walk was required to reach the central campus. The outer section do have some kinda bunkers, may be meant for the securing the fort. Inspite of ruins and dry outers, the central campus was green and had a high built gate.

Inside the fort there are ruins and debris allover, as if no ones dares to move the stone here. We clicked some crazy, funny and scary photography. The high fort is really nice spot for the photography. We met many people who came to see this place from the stories they heard. It is said that the fort is cursed by some ‘Tantrik’ just for the sake of revenge to the Princess.

Oh! poor princess

Although we tried to take come scary pictures around.


Myth busting: I am not sure whether the stories about this fort are true or not. I enjoyed the visit that is what mean the most to me.

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