Honeymoon In Manali




Honeymoon In Manali

A honeymoon is a time you spend together with your partner after the hustle bustle of the perfect wedding. The smiles and the tears, the camera shutter clicking away at the moments, tying the knot to spend the rest of your lives together, hugs and kisses, gifts and goodbyes, a ton of love and smiling for the photos until your cheeks hurt. Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. As beautiful as it is, it tends to exhaust you and your partner, physically and emotionally, after the hurricane that was the ‘wedding planning’ and its infinite worries until that moment both of you are married. So, after this frenzy, you’ll both need a break and a honeymoon!!! Travelling to exotic and romantic destinations tends to bring you closer to the one you love or so they say. As the saying goes, “Those who travel together stick together”. What you’ll both need and definitely want is a beautiful honeymoon that will help you relax and reconnect with each other, spend quality time in each other’s presence and make a beautiful beginning to your life together before you guys settle into your normal daily life as a married couple. Choosing the perfect destination for you and your partner to spend this crucially beautiful time is essential so that you can make most of the time you spend together. Love is in the air and change is on the way. So, if you’re wondering about such a spectacular place in India, you’ve found it. 


Manali, a town filled with natural magnificence and beauty, is a spectacle to behold. The land holds unimaginable beauty nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, this little town is the perfect place for newlyweds to kindle their love for each other. Manali is a phenomenal destination for you and your partner. She is known as a resort town and honeymoon capital with a reputation to only bring love and happiness into your lives. Her beauty is worth flaunting and is highly praised and sought for. The snow clad mountains in the distance, air: cold and mysterious, forest trails to explore together, valleys to walk hand in hand, temples of culture and beauty, adventure sports to seal the bond and sweep you off of your feet, rivers of pure mountain water- the best in the world, treks to the hikers, campfire for the lovers, helicopter rides for the daring (you just have to find the right place), serene and graceful with a landscape that will take your breath away. You can find the beauty of nature at its peak and her wonderful creations adding love and wonder in your lives, creating sparks which grow to a fire, making your honeymoon a beautiful and romantic time of your lives. You wouldn’t hope for a better place if you’re looking to make a memorable and fun-filled honeymoon to kick-start your journey together in life. One which you’ll never forget and Manali is the perfect destination for you.


What you’ll find below is the mini honeymoon of 3 days and 4 nights with the best of what Manali has to offer. Enjoy your stay.


Day 1!!!


You can catch a flight to Manali and arrive the night before. That’ll give you guys the time to check in, sit, relax, eat and sleep off the exhaustion and wake up bright and early to begin your honeymoon at Manali!


On day 1, you’ll be hitting Solang Valley first thing after breakfast. Kickstarting your honeymoon with a bang is essential. So, today will be all about fun and memories! Don’t forget your camera because I assure you that you’ll regret it if you do.


Solang Valley is located 14km North-West of Manali. It is one of the most popular tourist’s spots in Himachal Pradesh. It is the favourite spot for adrenaline junkies or adventure enthusiast. They have everything you’ll need to have fun and lose your breath. Winter or summer Solang Valley will meet your needs. Hence, every year the valley receives an enormous number of tourists. Expect everything from Parachuting to Paragliding, horseback riding to mini jeeps for all age groups at affordable ranges!!!


When the valley is white and becomes a snowy paradise, skiing (with equipment and trainers) would your sport of choice. Take your chance at skiing down the lovely snowy slopes of Solang Valley after taking beginners skiing lessons. Enjoy and don’t worry even if you hit the ground. A cushion of soft snow awaits to catch you when you fall. After the winter has come and gone and the summer breeze blows taking away the white paradise, skiing is replaced with zorbing! Wondering what zorbing is? You’ll be rolled down a hill about 200 metres high is a ball that’ll fit about two people. And you’ll come rolling down the hill without a single scratch on you but be warned you’ll have FUN!!!!! Come on, rolling down a hill in a transparent ball viewing the world upside down and around and around, how much fun would that be?! It would cost you about 500INR per head for this fantastic activity.


Solang Valley is a lively place of only vibrance and amusement. Happiness and thrill are contagious in the air. Probably why paragliding is sought out. The sheer thrill of gliding through the air with nothing under your feet. Adrenaline junkies crave it. Solang Valley typically opens around 9 am. The best time for paragliding would be from 9 am – 5 pm in the months January to May or October to December. It about costs 6000INR – 8000INR.


Besides this, there are cable car rides that give you breath-taking of the valley and the hills around it. Horseback rides that take you on a trip around the valley and gives you first-hand experience on the joy of riding.  A ropeway was recently opened from which you can glide through the rope down the valley. You can trek to the summit or through ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles). You can spend the day enjoying yourself till your hearts are content. But you’ll have to leave by 5 pm when the valley closes for the day.


You can head back, take a hot bath and call it a day. Don’t worry there is more in store for you on day 2.


Day 2!!!


After an early breakfast, hiring either a motorcycle or a car (we recommend a motorcycle for the explorers to get a full experience) and hitting the road to Rohtang Pass. Rohtang pass is approximately 51km out of the resort town Manali. It’ll take after one and a half hour to get there. So, we recommend you leave at least by 8 am.

While day 1 was all about adventure, today it’s on the scenic side and all about nature. Rohtang Pass is a must visit if you’re in Manali and can only be reached by road (hence, the motorcycle or car). It is a major attraction for tourists and perfect for your honeymoon. The pass is at a height of 3978 metres above sea level. The road leading up to the pass is on the way to Leh. Therefore, as you can imagine, the ride up to the pass holds a phenomenal view of the landscape that will blow your mind. Because of its immense beauty, awestruck directors of several films have shot at least a scene in the Pass and the way leading up to it. If you’ve watched “Jab We Met” or “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” you’ll probably recognise the place. The ride up is mesmerising and is pure bliss. Imagine riding through the Manali-Keylong road with your partner with a spectacular landscape for your background. It’ll be a scene straight out of a romance movie. ­­­­

The interesting fact about Rohtang Pass is how it got its name. The name was stuck after several CBRE employees died in the Pass trying to cross it during extreme weather (Ro means corpse and thang means field). It is said that the ghosts of these workers still haunt the pass. Isn’t that an interesting story?

So, if you want to travel to or beyond the pass there are a few requirements that you must meet. A mandatory Rohtang pass permit and a hotel voucher or proof of your stay at one of your destinations should be carried along with you in order to travel to Rohtang Pass. The pass costs 500INR per head with an additional 50INR that is imposed on all vehicles for congestion by the National Green Tribunal. Furthermore, you need to know what permit you’re getting as well because they are of two kinds. One is to travel up to the pass and the other to travel beyond it. You’ll require the former. You can book the pass online or offline. Although offline permit can be taken from the Tourist and Information Centre on all days from 10 am to 8 pm, it is done on a “first come, first serve” basis.

At the pass, either you can sit back and enjoy the view or indulge in some hiking or trekking, maybe take a sledge (wooden or Boggan) ride in the snow or go mountain biking (be careful on this one as it can get a bit rough). You can spend a few hours here before heading back to your hotel for lunch and maybe a siesta. Don’t forget to take pictures, folks!


After a relaxing lunch and nap, head on out to the Hadimba Temple. The Hadimba temple is built on a rock which is believed to be the image of Devi Hadimba. Surrounded by beautiful cedar forests, this unique shrine is dedicated to the wife of Bhima, the second of the Pandavas, and the mother of Ghatothkach- Devi Hadimba. Hadmiba was a demoness who fell in love with the mighty Bhima and took upon a great penance through which the Gods crowned her with the honour and glory of being a goddess or a ‘Devi’. It is believed that the shrine is built on the very same spot where she had undergone the penance to honour her will. Although the temple was built in 1553, the tale dates back all the way to the Mahabarath. The temple has four storeys with the walls of the temple decorated with stone and mud impressions, images of goddesses and animals and so on. The architecture of the shrine is unique and peculiar making it a singularly unique creation, and therefore, the beauty of the temple has been preserved with its originality through all these years without alterations.


The temple is open from 8 am to 6 pm. You can spend an hour at the temple before moving on to the Siyali Mahadev Temple before calling it a day.


Siyali Mahadev Temple is among the oldest temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva in Himachal Pradesh. Frequently visited by the devotees of Lord Shiva, the temple holds great importance to the Hindu culture and religion. The architecture of the temple is praised and well known. Intricately carved woodworks adorn the temple along with several beautiful woodworks supporting the temple itself. The windows and doorways are a spectacle of magnificent craftsmanship, and the contrast between the painted white walls and the brown of the wood makes the temple an exquisite architectural beauty. The temple is built on a foundation of stone and cement which highlights the wooden temple. Not to mention, the picturesque landscape of Manali enhancing its beauty even further.


The temple is open from 6 am to 7 pm and will be your last stop for the day. Heading back, you can enjoy warm tea and relax and enjoy the campfire and romanticise about your honeymoon so far. Spend the night in because day 3 will be your last day of the honeymoon. Having fun till now? Has it been beautiful? More awaits on the third day.


Day 3!!!  


Today is all about relaxing since you’ll be catching the evening flight and saying goodbye to Manali and ending your honeymoon in love and romance.


You can sleep in and get breakfast a little late. As soon as you’re ready you’ll be heading to the temple dedicated to the great Sage Manu- the Manu Temple. This serene temple is located in the mesmerising Valley of Manali.  Manu, according to the early scriptures of Hinduism, is supposed to be the ‘First Man’. However, in the later texts, it is said to be the name of fourteen mystical rulers of the world of which the 7th Manu was warned of the great flood and saved mankind and animal kind from extinction by building a boat. This temple is said to be the only temple dedicated to this mythical king who was later hailed as a great sage. The architecture of the temple is fascinating, giving us a glimpse of the history and spirituality on which the temple was built.

The road to the temple is narrow so you may find it a bit difficult but the sight of the magnificent temple and deity will make it all worth it.

The temple is open from 6 am to 5 pm. You can spend a few hours there and go back to the hotel for lunch and then set out to your last and final destination of this beautiful honeymoon.


Your final spot is the Vashisht Baths. The baths are natural hot springs situated 6km away from Manali. They are accompanied by beautiful sandstone temples. The hot springs are said to contain medicinal properties that can cure skin ailments and fatigue. Go on in and take a dip (Don’t worry, there are separate baths for men and women. Our government took care of it). Enjoy your muscles loosening up and your weariness lift. Spend a couple of hours soaking in the hot bath and then head back, pack and catch that flight. Your beautiful honeymoon has come to an end.


A honeymoon filled with love and beauty will always be remembered by both of you for the rest of your lives. Happy Married Life to you!!!



          Vani Vinod

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