Amidst the lustrous greens and sparkling greys , Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is a heavenly place. It’s the abode of a variety of flora and fauna which is surely a treat to the eye. Come visit this place to get an experience of a lifetime.

Located at a distance of 90km from the Coimbatore International Airport, The Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary or the Annamalai National Park exhibits various physical features like valleys and hills ranging in altitude from 200-2,000m which form the catchment of many streams. These Include the Mavadappu Plateau region. The elegant and exuberant deciduous forests, tropical evergreen forests and tropical moist deciduous forests enhance the mellifluous breeze which can refresh your soul. The national park is the home to a miscellany of fauna such as Nilgiri Langur, Liontailed macaque Gaur, Elephant, Chital, Sambar, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, and a Variety of Birds. Tiger, panther, Wild Dog, Nilgiri Tahr are some other attractions. In Anamalai (Indira Gandhi) National Park one can also see sambar, gaur, mouse deer, barking deer, but the exclusive crowd pleasers include the Nilgiri langur, lion tailed macaque and the extravagant birds like the Malabar pied hornbill Anthracoceros coronatus and Imperial npigeon Ducula badia which are surely the eye catchers.

Apart from the flora and fauna the scenic beauty of the majestic hills and the sonorous streams please the soul and the mind . The forests are adorned with the precious timber trees including teak and rosewood . Softwoods include Machilus Macrantha, Alstonia scholaris, Evodia meliaefolia, Ailanthus and Malabaricum. Wood from Eucalyptus hybrid and Eucalyptus grandis is used for making pulp. A special attraction are some of the rare orchids which are found here.  Other useful products produced from these forests are bamboos, reeds, soapnuts, canes, gums, lemon grass, wild cardamom, honey and amla which are economically very useful and beneficial.

Tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the flora and fauna as well as the park surroundings on elephants and special safari jeeps and cars which can be hired on prior bookings. The vacation can be enhanced by a luxurious stay in the exotic log houses and tree houses.

Topslip , which is perched above 300 meters from the sea level on the Annamalai mountain ranges is a place where you will get the heavenly experience of infinite solitude and solace. A place where you will forget all the worldly tensions . A place which will provide you with a break from the monotonous and boring schedule. The place is located 37 kilometers from the Pollachi city and can be reached only by road . it is the only entry point to the Parambikulam Wildlife Reserve Forest in the state of Kerala. Forest tracking, elephant raids and a stay at the tree hut will surely delight every visitor to this place. Topslips  rainforest patches are home to a variety of endemic birds such as the Wayand Laughing thrush, Sri Lanka Frogmouh, Whitebellied Treepie , Malabar Trogon, White bellied Blue Flycatcher and Black throated Munia etc. It also has a large concentration of medicinal plants , unique teak forests and bamboo forests. The experience at this place is always exclusive and the one which you will never forget for a lifetime. All the visitors to this place should first take a permit issued by the Wildlife Warden Office of the Forest Department at Pollachi. Guided trekking tours are also conducted here. Many avid mountaineers and people who love trekking usually visit here . Kozhikammuthy , a stretch of 12 kilometers, Ambuli watchtower , a patch of 6 kilometers ,  kolambumalai, a  stretch of 10 kilometers are some of the famous trekking routes which adorn the place. Other exiting things which people can do here are boating and dusk safari . Yoga and other ayurvedic massage and therapy refreshes your soul and relaxes your mind. The experience will delight you and mitigate all the worries out of you.

 A visit to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary will rejuvenate your mind and soul. Do visit this place if you are in the pursuit of eternal happiness, contentment and inner peace and satisfaction . An emotional frenzy of bliss and elation will run down your spine . The place is no less than a paradise on planet earth where you can experience a mystic self transcendence and light heartedness. You are bound to leave the place in high spirits , good cheer and well being. Half of your tensions and ailments will never return back to trouble you. Come visit this place once and this is a guarantee that you will plan a trip to Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary every alternate year. People get captivated by the immense pleasure they get on visiting this place. A holiday to the  Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary will be in your budget and will also prove to be your best vacation ever.

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