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Everybody needs a short break from their day-to-day hectic life; as undeniably, we are human beings and we need to perform efficiently in our regular task so due to that a little short trip is so mandatory. Some of you have heard about this place very first time, but if yes then you are definitely going to make a trip to Palampur.

Palampur is one of the most beautiful green hill stations situated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by the tea gardens and pine forest. If you look up to its history then it is an origin place of Tea as you can say “Heaven” for tea lovers, Dr. Jameson once introduced tea plantation in hill station since the day Tea is now become so demandable in the market in all over the India. This hill station has not only gardens to see and mountains to climb but also has many rivers flows into the city or its peripheries because ‘Palam’ derived from local word ‘Palum’ which means lots of water.

If you are an explorer, nature lover, love to do adventures activities, and love calm environment then this place is highly recommended for you. This place is not only for family trip spot but also you can enjoy with your friends or lover. There are numerous places to see and activities to do in Palampur, which completely satisfies your holiday, gives you everlasting impact in your life, and makes your Palampur trip so worthy and happy.

We have enlisted the top five places to see in Palampur so have a look:

1) Tea Gardens

Palampur majorly knows as The Tea Capital of North India, this is the most beautiful place of Palampur, you should not miss this place, all area covered by green tea leaves and tea aroma will make you fall in love with this place. Moreover, these gardens are the main real source of income of them.

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2) Neugal Khad

It is a famous picnic spot located 2 km away from town, and ideal for a day escape from busy life. A place full of adventures and excitements can enjoy with friends, there is couple of cafes, and eating points in only couple of movements. Neugal Khad also provides a finest view of Dhauladhar Mountains.

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3) Saurabh Van Vihar

Saurabh Van Vihar situated on the right bank of Neugal Khad near Kandi Bridge in the reach of Dhauladhar ranges, in village Kwat, around 4 km from Palampur town. This is one of the most enjoyable place for kids as well as youngsters, this is “must go” place to visit for those wants to enjoy the trip and enjoy the nature of god. In Saurabh Van Vihar, you will enjoy many water activities and rides for kids, there is big park to sit and eat.

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4) Tashi Jong Monastery

Tibetan has inhabited Tashi Jong Monastery for many years now; this monastery stands for stands for ‘auspicious valley’. It is an entire community of monks, practitioners and realized practitioners called ‘togdens’. Tibetan artifacts are also selling in the crafts emporium and these are ideal for tourists to buy as souvenirs. Many adults and elderly people love to visit this place.

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5) Baijnath Temple

This is one of the most beautiful temples of Palampur situated in Kangra Valley and its ancient name of this town was ‘Kigarama’. There is fine sculpture work associated with Ravana, who worshiped Shiva at this spot and gained immortality. The artistic beautifully shown with which this structure and designed blended with the religious connotation of this place makes it a “must visit” for all devotees and tourists travelling to the Kangra valley.

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There are many more temples and places to visit but these five places will always rule on the top the list. Just pack your bag and step out your foot. This place will give you utmost fun in very affordable prizes, and let you make many memories with beautiful mountains, greenery valley, temples, and parks and with beautiful roads. Hope this would help you in making decisions perfectly.

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