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Rajasthan kaisa dekha?

India the land of so many traditions and amalgamation of cultures has always been known to the world for its uniqueness.The states in India are been quoted in the books of history for its struggle yet different features for which the country is blessed. Rajasthan the name itself relates everything about the state, Raja “king”, sthan,” place”.

Rajasthan is the life of India, the main component of our country. The state is full of colors, livelihood, traditional and has rich culture and history. The state has more history than the rest of the country put together. If we go through the name of the state you will find the name itself says “Raja ka sthan” that means Rajasthan. It is indeed a fantastic realm of kings and their majestic forts and their grand palaces, this is the reason it is called as “Land of Kings”.

The romantic part of the state reminds us of bravery, honour, and nobility. Legend says that Rajasthan is home to Rajput’s who have ruled over 1000 years and the best part is that they have originated from the sun, moon, and fire. When British was ruling India they found it very difficult to rule this place so they gave up Rajasthan and the state was ruled by the kings until the British Raj.

The mighty Thar Desert, the audacious wild forests, camel safari and a quick look of tigers, shimmering jewels, traditional yummy cuisine, astonishing art and beautiful culture, famous colourful fairs, and festivals – All you will find at one place that is Rajasthan. The stunning fairs and festivals in Rajasthan will give you a chance to explore the art, culture, traditions, history, and people. 

The famous festivals are Pushkar fair and Jaisalmer Desert festival. If you are visiting in the month of January and February  ​Jaisalmer is at its best, with a 3-day show on sand dunes, desert blooming with glorious colors and you will also enjoy folk dance and traditional music. You will witness the amusing turban tying competition, Mr. Desert couple contest with camel race and acrobatics with an added touch of excitement. Take a camel ride with a view of the mesmerising sunset and the background music will take you on a delighted trip.

If you are visiting Rajasthan in the months of October and November do visit the Pushkar fair which takes place in these months. It is a traditional event with various activities such as musical events and cultural activities, thrilling camel safari tours and you will be staying in the traditional camps. Pushkar is having Brahma temple which is only one in the whole world. There is a belief that taking a dip in the holy lake of Pushkar vanishes away all your sins.

Amalgamate in the culture of Rajasthan and witness the unique rituals, it’s amazing and peculiar sight. The main aim of the fair is to trade cattle like goats, cows, sheep, camels etc.Once the trading is completed they dress up the animals with beautiful ornaments and clothes for public display.

The famous cities of Rajasthan are worth a visit. Jaipur the capital of the state, the City of Victory also known as the Pink city for its hilltop forts, glittering bazaars, and astonishing palaces. You should not forget to visit the Lake Palace and City Palace which is situated in the City of Lakes Udaipur and it is definitely “Venice of East”. The place looks like romantic fairy tales the wonderland. Don’t miss the Great Wall of India – Kumbhalgarh Fort. The thick wall encompassing the fort stretches around 36 km and is a wide enough to take eight horses abreast. The Fort gives the stunning views of surrounding areas.

Arabian Nights fable is said to be right, Jaisalmer and Bikaner are remarkable sandstone cities that grow magically from the sand dunes of the Rajasthan Desert. Jodhpur is known as The Blue City of Rajasthan and you should visit this place. If you witness this place from Mehrangarh Fort you will realize that place is literally blue!

Ranthambore National Park is full of history which has witnessed many battles at its place as well the rise and fall of many rulers. If you get a chance to spot a Tiger in the wild at Ranthambore. The place is paradise for a wildlife lover.

Glorious palaces, spectacular forts, and dramatic desert the mix is extraordinary. So if you have a week off and you want to sample out every part of Rajasthan do visit these places.

Jaipur – Pink city includes

Hawa Mahal
City Palace
Jantar Mantar
Govinddevji Ka Mandir
Amer Fort
Jal Mahal

Pushkar, Ajmer, Jodhpur

Brahma Temple in Pushkar
Ajmer Dargah Sharif
Mehrangarh fort, Balsamand and Gulab Sagar Lake 

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer 

Sonar Quila in Jaisalmer
Statue of Gangaur Mata
Patwan ki haveli
Nathmal ji ki haveli

Udaipur – City of Lakes

Pichola Lake
Jag Mandir
City Palace
Lake Palace
and lavishing resorts.

Mount Abu – The beautiful and only hill station in Rajasthan which has famous Delwara Jain temple is must visit 

Chittorgarh fort is largest in the country, a must visit.

Rajasthan conjure vivid images of grand palaces, magnificent forts and a culture which is traditional and vibrant. Rajasthan offers a mix of royalty and romance so the place will never regret you once you visit it. It is a place where all the country’s similes and metaphors appear to have come together to create a visual extravaganza. The mood and the environment changes of the countryside from one region to another, and from season to season. Rajasthan tourism creates a land of magical fantasies that remain a lifetime memory.

The state has forts,  deserts and the list go on and on….If you are planning to visit Rajasthan to see it’s actual beauty? One is suggested to visit during the festive period.



Desert Festival

With the trumps and rhythm of the folk lure, the month of January-  February in Jaisalmer (The Kingdom of Desert in Rajasthan) is lit with colours, Rajasthani cuisine and beats of Rajasthani folk instruments, camel race and so list to many to enjoy your evening.



Women’s Decked up in Rajasthani look is what you get to see during Teej.

This festival is celebrated to honour the commence of monsoon and show the love to Rajasthani husbands.Mehendi is applied and fasting is done by the women. The souks are all ridge with colourful clothes, bangles and Rajasthani sweet Ghewar and other delicious food items.It is the best festival to be present to drenched in the culture of Rajasthan.


World Sufi Festival

If there is a purpose for the world to land Sufi Festival is one.It witnesses the artist from all around the world. If you love Sufi folk  you should not miss this one.It is a very low-key affair where you could interact with the artist and eminent of the state. And what else? Food is bound to be the part.


Kite festival

Want to cherish your childhood memories of flying kites and feel the plethora of those  Bollywood songs on “udti patang”, You must not miss kite festival.It’s in a month of January on Makar Sankranti.Kite flying competitions are held Where Kites of different shapes and size are flown.



These are some highlighted and famous festival Of the state Don’t miss to attend.

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