Redefining the budget travel – DK Chauhan travelled 42000 Kms in 450 days




Budget travelling is the most aspiring and excited thing in present times. However, it takes some hard efforts and encouragement to give up the luxuries and comfort. These 3 travellers from East India decided to take up this task and begin their journey with their Royal Enfield motorcycles, mobile camera and limited money.

DK Chauhan from Dhanbad, quit his job while travelling and exploring the hidden treasures of North East India and Bhutan. He travelled along with 2 of his friends (Bhishma and Mrigank). He borrowed the money for his travel and returned it while working on his journey itself. Seeing the passion of DK for travelling he got monetary help from his readers as well.

This was his route map describing the road he took and the adventures followed him.

DK , Bhishma and Mrigank, travelled to the ‘City of Joy – Kolkata’, making the way up to the North East India. The destinations they covered are rich in culture, adventure and peace. Riding on some of treacherous roads in India, they experienced every sort of difficulty, from fatigue to oil leakage off the bike.

North East of India has quite difficult terrain but still it is full of surprises, with its beautiful peaks and lakes.

Though being neighbours India and Bhutan share cultural aspects, yet they are two different nations. DK in his blog describes the scene at border as – You will know the difference between Bhutan and India on border itself. First thing we noticed was men wearing something like a skirt and second thing you will notice is portrait of kings at almost every building inside out. For many hours we felt like being stoned by drug or maybe we are dreaming. On India side at Jaigaon, you will hear noise of autorikshaws coming from all possible side, people rushing from one place to another littering everywhere. While on the Bhutan side it was very clean with no such noise and people driving patiently. Even if some car driver notices you on one side of road trying to cross the road by walk, he will stop his car and wait for you to cross the road ” – DK Chauhan

They were lucky to witness the first snow in India after two years, which made them fall in love with the place.

Coming back to India, DK continued his journey towards the forests of Meghalaya, exploring culture variety in Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and finally he ended up at the peaks of Arunachal and Assam.



DK, finally came back from his voyage that at many times seems to be impossible and it has many breakpoints at which any traveller could give up. However, he isn’t any traveller, he is among those few who follow their passion and pay the cost of travelling.

From team TDG to DK (Deepak) Chauhan

All images credits to him, except the one we made for him. You could find his story in detail at

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