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Hey Ho! It’s Time again for another adventure into the distant foreign lands of Singapore.

Join me on this colorful journey and see for yourself, the vibrant show of lights that unfold as the Johnny progresses.

Travelers visiting this place for the first time will be delighted to know that this is the southeast Asia smallest and richest travel destination!

So you must definitely keep a  huge bank balance with yourself because this time( whether you have a spouse or not) you yourself will not hesitate to enjoy the rich luxury of the various amenities that Singapore has to offer.

But apart from enjoying the rich luxury, traveling around this city is very affordable.

” the sunset Amidst the pink Sky,

In a vibrant atmosphere of lights!”

For first-timers, a quick checklist comes in handy when you are exploring the city for the first time!

The ethnic diversity of this place is enchanting and with a plethora of activities, shopping hubs and food delicacies; you are really ready to relish an incredibly rich Fairytale.

1)Gardens by the bay.

Gardens by the Bay, is an expansive vibrant colorful Park nested beautifully in the Bay area of Singapore.

The famous inverted tree structures also called the supertree.. Offer a mind-blowing Skywalk overlooking the Gardens.

Sea Shell structures, decorated by Golden lights are but greenhouses create a cold mountain climate, and with the immense lush green landscape with the forest cover makes it a great destination for people from all age groups and walks of life!

The bird’s eye view of the Gardens by the Bay can be best from the Marina Bay Sands, just at a stone’s throw from the park and is structured on a 250-acre land.

The splendid Supernatural views that you get from here is definitely worth a click!

The supertree grove at Gardens by the Bay

At first sight, I didn’t really get to know that these were Steel framed tree plantation since they looked so real that you can hardly figure out!

There are 12 towering structures that are built that overlooks the natural vegetation that stands in its vicinity.

This place is famous for its light and music show, which fills the entire area with colorful incandescence, and the lights gently and gracefully dance to the occasion.

The greenhouses at Gardens by the Bay, are

The temperature controlled environment that gives you the chill of the mountains.

For there is a 35 M high mountain, garden plants growing in the tropical Highlands and give you a spectacular view of the plants in orchids.

This can be regarded as a world tour you go through the distinct regions of the wild, olive trees of Spain to the kangaroo paw of  Australia and the baobabs from Africa!

The fascinating thing at this place is the cuisine that you get which is specially prepared from the fresh Herbs and vegetables that domestically cultivated there and it will be a royal delightful feast.

These two attractions are primarily visited by travelers so if you want to avoid the rush, head on to the main Garden where you can enjoy a bit of solitude in natures sanctity.

Kingfisher lakes and Dragonfly lake, welcome you as you arrive at the bayfront.

In numerous insects and birds have made this place the resting Dome, they must have also loved the warmth and the tenderness of this place!

The trees that have been planted here are from the Indian, Chinese & Malaysian origin and the diversity is notable.

2)Clarke Quay

The party hub of Singapore redefines itself in the Clarke Quay area, where the dazzling lights grace the occasion, and people from various different walks of life, cultures, and traditions from all over the globe gather here to enjoy a spirit of happiness, amidst the buzzing atmosphere of the vibrant and energetic nightclubs.

Initially, this section of Singapore, was the host to the center of Commerce but now the streets are thronged with a plethora of restaurants, retail stores recreation outlets, and concept bars to make your entertainment gateway a success!

The notable places to visit in this area (based on personal experience) is the The bar cocoon in the forbidden city.

3)Universal Studios

The perfect destination you wish to be in! It’s such a lovely place which will take you back to childhood days.

The contrasting colors that are well-knit express an emotion of love and happiness and with the upcoming trend of themes zoned Park, the excitement furor is on the upsurge.

Universal Studios, is by and far the first amusement park to be established in the South East Asian region.

The themes of Lost World, ancient Egypt Hollywood Madagascar New York, are you sure to enthrall you in the best fashion imaginable!

So it’s going to be a great adventure when you step onto the thrilling roller coaster rides which are believed to be the world’s tallest roller coasters.

So embark your journey with Hollywood, where you just transported to the states and you realize this after a while that you are in a tropical Island which has the stimulation of the states. That’s how euphoric this creation is.

You even get to get your photo clicked with the famous movie stars of Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin!!

Next head to the sci-fi city which features two of the world’s largest roller coasters that inter wine each other, so it’s scary yet a marvelous adventure.

The ancient Egypt section, house to Pharoahs guarding the entrance, and the inner environment are so magnificently built that it time travels you back into ancient Egypt.

The surprise package of the Revenge of the mummy is truly one of its kind and everyone should try this.

The Lost World comprises of enactments of the films of Jurassic Park and water world whereas for Shrek fans, you do need to pay a tribute to the far, far away section did you witness the beautiful castles and Shrek Swamp.

Last but not the least is the Madagascar section, which comprises of spectacular boat rides with audiovisual and special effects to make this ride a memorable one.

Just in case you want to have a souvenir, there are plenty of shops to choose from and a multi-product line is offered from T-shirts to keyrings.

4)Singapore night safari

The purpose behind establishing this wildlife reserve sanctuary is not just for the entertainment of the travelers, but it also acts as the conservation center to substantially improve wildlife conditions!

The vast and expensive natural environments serve as a host to the diversified wildlife all regions of the world.

The entire Ambience is so well decorated, and the glamour of the lights a great beauty is reflected.

With over 1000 animals and over 60 exhibits, this is one of the wildest rides that you have ever taken!

The walking trails offer you a spectacular view of the eight geographical regions interconnected, endangered species of the great one-horned rhinoceros, giant anteater, Gazelle all can be spotted here.

The interesting part is that you witnessed Himalayan animals too!

Moving on, to the Nepalese river valley the large sambar deer is spotted distinctively, along with pelicans, jackals, and one horned Rhino.

The Indian subcontinent region, offers you sloth bear, striped hyena, Gir lion of Gujarat.

On the equatorial African front, giraffes, lions stand in the Grandeur representing the African grasslands.

The list is never ending, so you must figure it out for yourself by paying a visit!

5) Reverse Bungee

Well if you think adventure, then Singapore has a lot to offer at

 unexpected turns.

This popular spot is located near the night of Clark Quay but that does not simply mean that you can drink and ride!

You get a rush of adrenaline as you get fired 60 m in the air auto moving speed of 200 km an hour, yet you remain safe!

Are two different variations to this popular Reverse Bungee sport that involves pendulum swinging after the initial blast in the air.

at a stone’s throw from the Clarke Quay station, this spot is easily identifiable which tall metal structures that even light up at night make it most spectacular!

The criterion of availing this ride is that you need to be above 12 and over 1.2 m in height.

6)China town

The Mystic charm comes alive to its Pristine beauty when you get a glimpse of Chinatown.

It deserves a visit for the other plenty of shops and historical locations to venture out into.

The four main districts of this area are Kreta Ayer, Telok Ayer, tanking Pagar, Bukit pasoh!

It offers ethnic places to solace the soul into an ambiance of peaceful worship, and Singapore is always famous for its delicacies inevitably for food lovers this is the destined place to be in!

People on the spiritual side might just consider the options of visiting the Hokkien Temple, thian hock Keng, Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and James Mosque to name a few.

They are beautifully established that exude an aura of tranquility and peace.

The entire setting of this place is very lovely and sensitive, colorful and vibrant.

7)Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is believed to be the world’s largest observation wheel, 

Providing you with a 360-degree view of the entire City that reflects the beauty of its origin.

It is built over the three-story terminal building and is the approximately 30 M taller than famous London Eye.

It’s difficult to choose when to take this ride, either during the day when the sun reflects its whole Glory on the city or during the night when the city lights scintillate themselves under the dark mysterious universe, filled with twinkling stars.

Getting on this flyer, you get to view the most places of a visit from a distance that includes the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, Empress Palace, and Padang.

The Singapore Ferris Wheel, 28 city bus-sized, glass locked air-conditioned capsules which can carry up to 28 passengers and it takes approximately half an hour for a single rotation.


The Sentosa Island is a marvelous creation that has a plethora of attraction to keep you entangled into throughout the days to follow.

Nested in the south of Singapore, reaching here is through the 12-minute cable car ride which is known as the Sentosa Skyline Luge and Skyride and it provides such authentic views of the distinct landscapes that are present in the City & outskirts.

The soft beaches can be enjoyed in the evening with the setting sun reflecting gently over the waters.

Sentosa also hosts the butterfly and insect Kingdom which has 3000 different species of insects from all over the globe, and have a lush green vegetation of Tropical nature and the flowers that Bloom in their pristine beauty are but great sights to behold.

The crane dance in Sentosa Island, should not be missed at any cost because it is a grand show of lights, that scintillate in the dark which the added audiovisuals water effects and LED lights, it makes way to enthrall the audience in every possible manner.

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