Memorable things you must buy at Mcleodganj, The Land of Lama




The beautiful land of lama is known to be the spiritual center of Buddhist and particularly the Tibetan refugees. The town is surrounded by the hills, that makes it a peaceful place to meditate and relax. High in Himachal, Mcleodganj has few adventure spots as well such as Triund trek, Indrahar Pass, Kareri trek and Bhagsu falls. 

To summarize this is the destination for every kind of traveller. You just need to choose your interests and you will find the right things to do there. 

Even after you do the things you love, your excursion will stay incomplete unless you buy your favorite souvenir from this beautiful place. A souvenir that will remind you of your stay here and bring back the same peace every time you see it.

1. Singing Bowl

Singing bowl is the most popular thing being sold and bought at Mcleodganj for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well-being. They are used by a wide range of professionals, including health professionals, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers.

They come in many size and variants, you must make sure you buy only a authentic one. You will love the vibration and sound it makes on rubbing a wooden stick against its top part. You can easily get a metallic bowl with price range of INR 300 to INR 500.

2. Buddha Statue

Beautiful crafted brass made into the peace faced Buddha. The statue are available in all different sizes, you can pick the fits perfect for your table. These statue are sold by the crafts shop in the Tibetan market of Mcleodganj near Dalai Lama temple.

3. Artifacts

The artifacts and handicrafts are being sold with a huge variety to explore. You will see pots, beads, rings and bowls to be the perfect decorator for your home. They will give the intrinsic tibetan look for your living room. You can explore the Tibetan mini market with local vendors and handicrafts shops on the same temple road. Their cost  may vary from INR 100 to INR 1000, depending upon the size and quality.

4. Bead Necklace

The locals are really good at making the bead’s necklace, you surely can not miss out to buy one of them. Women backpackers will love to wear one of the beaded necklace. These colourful beads, strung together with large amber, maroon, turquoise and silver beads, the chunky necklace is a bohemian beauty.  

5. Wind chimes

This is most popular handicraft of the Tibetan market of Mcleodganj, they vary in different designs and colours that will help you select the best for your living room or bedroom. The sweet sound of brass will remind you always that ‘Mountains are calling and you must go’. Take this as an inspiration for your next adventure.

6. Handicraft Dairies

The diaries made by the handicraft paper is something really unique and popular among the foreign travellers. The quality and designs of the diaries are simply unmatched. They are available in leather and non-leather covers, available in different colours to sort every interests. You must have one of them to write your travelogues and save your memories.

7. Tibetan tea

The natural tea without additive flavours and colours is what you would get here. Just next to the entrance of Dalai Lama temple, there is small tibetan shop where you would find the different varieties of the world known original Tibetan Tea.

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