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Just 230 km away from your tiring metro life lies a fun filled relaxing trip for you. Spend some quality time with your family in the adventure and yoga capital of the world. Rishikesh, Apart from being an important Hindu pilgrimage, offers amazing adventure sports at the bank of the river Ganges, carefully flowing through the Himalayas. Get on the go with rafting in the heavy currents or go trekking, hiking and rock climbing on the hilly regions. Come and declutter your mind as you lose yourself in ‘yogic world’ in the city which is known for attracting people from all around the world to indulge into meditation and yoga activities. The magic in the air will definitely get you spiritually absorbed in the music of the temple bells while the holy river, flowing in neck breaking speed is worshiped.


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Get the much needed time-off by visiting Udaipur, a city full of Rajput architecture marvels. Beautifully resting in the colourful and culturally rich state of Rajasthan, Udaipur has a story to tell with every palace and temple. Enriched in the magical Rajasthani culture, beside the pichola lake lays your getaway. Get your family and roam around in the narrow contorted streets that lead you straight to the 16th century, to the origin of this charming city. From the bazaars to the restaurants, everything here has an ethnic touch to it making it utterly special and unique. Be it boating rides or horseback rides, this special romantic city is perfect to explore with anyone. Spend your weekend enjoying the famous light and sound show or getting along the locals and understanding heart and soul of the place.


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Mathura and Vrindavan

Give your weekend getaway a historical and sociological touch by visiting the birthplace of lord Krishna, Mathura, where in its rich culture and heritage your family gets to explore the beautifully woven aspects of the Hindu religion, while visiting the magnificent temples telling stories in the most splendid ways. Just 10 km away from here, lies the beautiful town, Vrindavan, getting its name from ‘vrinda’ a kind of tulsi plant that grows in the city, this place will unfold tales of its origin with every step that you take in the holy temples of lord Krishna. Just 160 km away from the hustle bustle of Delhi lays this incredible place where your weekend gets absorbed in the marvelous architecture and tranquility.

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Get your binoculars out and plan a getaway to the breathtaking bird sanctuary just 177 km away from your city! Keoladeo Ghana national park (formally known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) has about 250 species of birds. So get your family here for the perfect weekend away from the dull and boring life. Watch yourself get happily stupefied by listening to the music enchanted by the birds, getting your family to appreciate the little details of life while nature does its job of decluttering your mind. Visit from October to February to get a chance to see the elegant migratory birds. This sanctuary is not just about birds, its diverse fauna will leave you awestruck.


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Stuck in the never ending viscous cycle of the city life, where the dirt and pollution don’t even let you breathe properly, let alone enjoying some time star gazing. If you too are the one of the people you love to find the meaning of life by quietly introspecting in the quiet valleys where you can get some much awaited family time and peace at the same then head straight to Dharamshala. Located the astonishing valley of kangra, it’s a place of stunning snow laden mountains with its wonderfully rich culture. The old monasteries and the Buddhist environment gives it an awe-inspiring tinge of the Tibetan culture, the Dalai Lama temple is a must visit. The picturesque place offers an escape from the heat and pollution of Delhi. Worries about the long drives to get to hill stations end up making us face the same city life, well Dharamshala comes with a direct air connectivity to keep you out of the dreadful city life at least on weekends. So get ready to enjoy your weekend happily lying under a sky full of stars or go boating on Dal Lake.


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