Why Goa is Famous as a Tourist Spot?




Goa, the Vegas of India is more than just beaches and its parties. Every year tourists from different corners of the world visit this beautiful creation of God, attracted by its legions of offerings. It is an awesome blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures which is reflected in its heritage buildings, churches, food habits and customs.

The bright sunshine, the ocean, pristine sandy beaches, spiritual retreats and amazing culinary fare does not only make it a perfect destination for lovebirds but for any wanderlust traveler. It offers everything to people who are looking forward to leave their worries behind and have the time of their lives. Goa being one of my favourite destinations on this planet, I thought of penning down a list of few things that you should definitely try or should know while you are in this beautiful paradise.  

A Great Amalgamation of Culture

Goa is one of the finest examples of mix cultures which are brought from the Indian as well as the Portuguese influence in the way of life in the state. Every nook and corner of Goa exudes both Portuguese and Indian styles of architecture which we can find in the magnificent architectural remnants and heritage buildings. It is one place in the entire Indian sub-continent that gives you experiences that you can find nowhere else in the country.  The Portuguese arrived here in the 16th century lured by its lucrative spice market and ruled it for centuries until the Indian sovereign won it back after the Independence. They left behind a rich and glorious legacy which is marked by the state’s extravagant architecture, whitewashed and stunning cathedrals, forts, and cuisines

The Land of Salvation and Spiritual retreats

Every now and then life gives us lemons and that’s when you realize that you need to uplift your inner self with the help of some yogic and spiritual uprising in your mind and soul. Lately Goa has turned out to be a hotspot for spiritual activities. From sunrise t’ai chi sessions, reiki healing courses, meditation or any other form of spiritual exploration, name it and you will find it at some place or the other in the state. In the past few years it has been observed that travelers from across the globe visit Goa for a serious yoga experience which is offered at many resorts and spiritual retreats. 

The Spices and Food that could make you kneel

What’s a journey without treating your taste buds with some local culinary treats? I believe traveling is incomplete without trying the local delights of the place you are visiting and Goa has much to offer in that regards. It’s no secret that Goans love their food just like any other place in India. Seafood, coconut, vegetables, and local spices constitute as the main ingredients of Goan cuisine. When In Goa, make it a point to try the rich flavours and rare spices used in the preparation of their scrumptious food which will take you on a heavenly ride. A visit to a back-country spice farm could help you find out why the Portuguese sailed so far to reach Goa.

The Sun Kissed White Sandy Beaches 

Okay this is something that we cannot miss out while writing about Goa. The beaches are one of its major attractions. The long golden sandy beaches spread from one end to the other of the state and as we all know beaches do make it romantic, which explains why the honeymooners and the lovebirds love it. What could be better than watching the sun go down in the vast Arabian Sea with your partner by your side, isn’t it? If you are an adventure lover, maybe you could also try out some adventure sports in one of these beaches. 

Indulge in an array of adventure activities and feel that adrenaline rush through your veins or party hard and dance till your feet hurts, Goa won’t stop amusing you. The majestic forts and monuments, lovely and friendly people, the beaches, and mouth-watering food; life is beautiful here! Once you have been there, you will crave for more and pray; can’t life always be lived the Goan way? So, the next time the travel bug in you wants to fly somewhere then a trip to Goa could be a refreshing one. Go solo, with buddies or the love of your life, Goa has a lot for everyone. Do you want to keep reading more or experience it for real? Pack your bags already! 

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