The travel of globe

A travellers has only few metric to quantify his/her travelling. Every traveller has dream to have polka dot passport, a passport with as many visa and immigration stamps. travel d’globe has opened the gateway to explore the next country to visit. Every country represents its culture, people and food. While travelling to a new country you will have different packing styles, get a chance to wear the local clothing, taste the food of a different land. The most exciting part of travelling a new country is meeting the people and interacting with them. You not only absorbs their culture instead you push in your cultural aspects to the foreign land as well. One of the biggest reasons to travel is to expose yourself to a new culture, to see how things are done in another place and do your best to join them. As a traveler, you should strive to embrace these differences, not fight them. Try to really immerse yourself, not in your guidebook, but in the place you are at the moment

What travellers do on their visit to new country?

Interacting with a new culture, open the urge to preserve your memories and take them home. Finding the best souvenirs is really difficult, one thing that is easy and must while making a foreign visit is to buy the country’s flag. Many travellers do not believe in spending much money in souvenirs, so they take away the non-materialistic souvenirs. They learn local languages, learn to cook and eat the traditional food and the art to adapt. For instance,in India leaving food in plate after eating is considered bad while in China it is a thank you gesture to the host.

Top visited country with travel d’globe


As we call it ‘The creator of humanity’ or ‘Incredible India’. This the top searched and visited country on TDG. This country has huge diverse geography and similarly diverse culture.