Soniji Ki Nasiyan

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Soniji Ki Nasiyan-City of Gold

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Soniji Ki Nasiyan is an part of architecturally rich Jain temple. It was built in the late nineteenth century. The main chamber, known as the Swarna Nagari “City of Gold”, has several gold-plated wooden figures, depicting several figures in the Jain religion.

This extravagantly built Jain Museum is the perfect place to interpret the primeval(Chaturth Kaal) world from the Jains’ perspective. Other part of Temple is Nasiyan Ji Mandir which is a prayer area, where you can boy to Lord Adinath.
Opening Closing Time of SoniJi ki Nasiyan is from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

How is the weather at Soniji Ki Nasiyan

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