All photos and gallery from  Allahabad

“Photos, Memories, Collage and Clicks”

Triveni Sangam – traveldglobe

Allahabad Fort – traveldglobe

Anand Bhawan – traveldglobe

All Saints Cathedral – traveldglobe

Khusro Bagh – traveldglobe

Hanuman Mandir, Allahabad – traveldglobe

Allahabad Museum – traveldglobe

οι ψαράδες by thisisdr

το Ηλιοβασίλεμα / Sunset by thisisdr

Seagulls at Sunrise II by thisisdr

Curzon Bridge on Ganges, Phaphamau Allahabad India by Jawed Hasan

All Saints Cathedral by thisisdr

“…but now we have a reason to live-to learn, to discover, to be free! Jonathan Livingston Seagull by thisisdr

Thornhill Mayne Memorial by thisisdr

anand bhawan by thisisdr

Sheet of fog ©vsvinay by vsvinaykumar

Maha kumbh at night ©vsvinay by vsvinaykumar

Mustered Flowers by Jawed Hasan

कितनी दूरियों से कितनी बार कितनी डगमग नावों में बैठ कर मैं तुम्हारी ओर आया हूँ ओ मेरी छोटी-सी ज्योति !Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayan ‘Agyeya /Πόσες φορές, κι από πόσο μακριά μέσα σε βάρκες που ταράζονται απ` το κύμα ήρθα σε σένα, ω, μικρούλα φλόγα!/How many times, from so much distances, sitting in many wonky boats, I came towards you, o my little flame! ( flame denotes for consciousness) by thisisdr

Inside The Maha Kumbh ©vsvinay by vsvinaykumar

The Magh Mela is one of the greatest annual religious affairs for Hindus. by thisisdr

Sun rise by thisisdr

Cable-stay Bridge over river Yamuna, Allahabad by thisisdr

O Flower of another land, holding you close to my heart I prayed : “Do let me know where you live,” Nodding, you smiled, replying : “I don’t know it, I don’t know.” Then I understood that it matters little to know the land where you live. Your home is the heart Of whosoever lovingly understands you, Nowhere else , Tagore [Puravi (“From the East”), 1924] by thisisdr

…εκεί όπου ο ήλιος βασιλεύει …where the sun reigns by thisisdr

μετά τις βροχές… by thisisdr

Shastri Bridge over river Ganges and view of Magh Mela by thisisdr

Photos Collection from Allahabad City

This is the hand picked collection of the best photos amd images of Allahabad. We collected this photos to show you the best views and places to visit at Allahabad. All the photos are at the ownership of respective photographers and all the photographers who clicked these photos gets a special thanks to give you the picture about the beauty of Allahabad. The travel d’globe gallery of Allahabad also include the pictures of hotels in Allahabad and other stay options in Allahabad. Get inspired by these beautiful photos and book the tours of Allahabad for adventure and leisure. The photos also include the places to visit at Allahabad:  

Triveni Sangam, 
Allahabad Fort, 
Anand Bhawan, 
All Saints Cathedral, 
Khusro Bagh, 
Hanuman Mandir, Allahabad, 
Allahabad Museum, 
to create this beautiful collage/gallery of images.

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