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Jolly Buoy Island

#Island in Andaman & Nicobars

Defined by its clear beaches and beatiful underwater corals, the Jolly Buot Island is a joy to visit. Virtually untouched by man, this island has no inhabitants. Tourists are supposed to carry their required items. Since this is a No Plastic Zone, visitors are prohibhited from carring any plastic items. The ferry ships reach and depart Jolly Buoy Island together.

The waters of the beach are crystal clear, providing good visibility of the depths to the naked eye. The sand is golden in colour and the contrast of it the deep blue water makes up an exquisite image. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling are immensely popular here due to extoic species of fish and corals. The glass-bottom boat rides are also popular for people who want to view the corals without geting into the water. The Island is covered with thick forest cover, majority of which is virgin and unexplored. Note that the Jolly Buoy Island is not open for tourists for throughout the year.

How is the weather at Jolly Buoy Island

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