Fraserganj Wind Park

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Fraserganj Wind Park-Wind mills and Beach

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Fraserganj, popularly called as the twin town of Bakkhali is located just 2 km north of Bakkhali. The place got its name after Lord Fraser, a British Official who resided in the area in the early 1900s. He was so hypnotized by the place that he decided to convert it into a resort. But the construction he undertook got destroyed by sea waves regularly. Ruins of his house and office can be still seen there.

The major attraction in Fraserganj is the Fraserganj Wind Park. A number of wind mines erected in the area can be seen making the place look bizarre. The Wind Energy Park generates 1 MW of electricity is soon going to increase its production to 2 MV. The Windmills are lined upon along the Fraserganj beach which makes the view more beautiful. The Fraserganj Beach is the other attraction of the place. The major occupation is fishing and the town is famous for the variety of fishes that it exports. Kolkata to Fraserganj can be reached easily in a private car or public transport.

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