The Crocodile Breeding Centre

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The Crocodile Breeding Centre-Unique Zoo in West Bengal

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If you are a jungle lover and you love wildlife, Bakkhali will bring a smile to your face with its Crocodile Breeding centre. The Crocodile Park in Bakkhali is the only crocodile park in West Bengal and one of the few in the world. Also known as the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project in the Sunderbans, it is a large shelter for these huge reptiles. The Park offers tourists a chance to witness these dangerous creatures up front.

You will see a variety of species of crocodiles, as well as from all life stages from a harmless egg to a full grown predator. The hard scales and such a close look to them will leave you in surprise as well as in terror. West Bengal Tourism Department regularly organises tours to Bhagabatpur and one can reach the place by consulting them. Also, one can drive down from Kolkata to Bakkhali in his private vehicle. The place is a must visit place in Bakkhali. This unique zoo will make you more familiar with this creature.

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