Bhimtal Lake Aquarium

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Bhimtal Lake Aquarium

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The central island on the Bhimtal Lake is home to an aquarium where aquaculture is practiced. This aquarium is not so exclusive but good enough to give a visit and enjoy yourself. Since the time of inception, this aquarium is home to various exotic fish species from countries around the world.

The only way to reach this aquarium is by the means of boats. The two-way boating will cost you about INR 100.Initially, this island on Bhimtal Lake had a restaurant, the food of which was savored by the people. But it was closed down as it had started polluting the river. The restaurant was shut down and converted into an aquarium. You are allowed to take in cameras with you and capture photos of the little fishes swimming around in the tank. This place is good to educate make the children aware.

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