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Bhimtal is a pretty little hill town in Nainital, located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. The climate here is wonderful with pleasant summers, a beautiful spring and sunny, bracing winters. The chief attraction in Bhimtal is the Bhimtal Lake, at the center of which lies an island. This island & lake duo is an amazing tourist destination.

According to legend, the Pandavas are believed to have visited this place during their exile. When their wife Draupadi was thirsty, Bhima struck the ground hard with his mace and water gushed out. The lake that was formed was named Bhimtal after his name. There are other fantastic sites of visit in Bhimtal which will definitely fulfill your interest for travel. Nal Damayanti Tal and Hanuman Garhi is known for its religious importance whereas Victoria Dam is an awesome place to chill and hangout.

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