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Jorebangla Temple

#Temple in Bishnupur

This is the masterpiece built by Malla KIng, Raghunath Singh in 1655AD, also known as Yorubangala. This temple is made of laterite bricks which have an actualization of two stranded huts joined together and crowned by a single tower. The architecture of the temple depicts the history of the Malla kingdom and the roofs are made in typical Chala style. The walls of the temple show the pictures of the battles which took place.

The region here shows the huts of a traditional village. The temple is famous for its terra cotta designs and stories showing Hindu values and mythology. Jorebangla is the place which should be in the forefront of your travel plans as this temple is one of its kind. This temple is a must to be visited for the history enthusiasts and others alike.It is surrounded by a garden, which makes the place even more beautiful. When in West Bengal, the temple is worth a visit.

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