Cankamana, Bodhgaya

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Cankamana, Bodhgaya-Footsteps of Bhuddha

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Cankamana in Bodhgaya is a pathway on the northern part of the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. It is one of the most sacred shrines inside the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya. Located towards the northern side of the temple, the Cankamana is the pathway which was used by Buddha during his third of meditation.

It was at this spot, Buddha practiced his meditation. It is believed that strolling along the Mahabodhi Temple in a clockwise direction fulfills all the wishes. So, while moving around the main temple complex, you will come across the Cankamana shrine. The footsteps of Lord Buddha have been carved into round shaped lotuses made of black stones. The shrine also features various articles that were purified by the presence of Lord Buddha. Besides, there are several images of Buddha along with his disciplines in the shrine. You will find many monks chanting in the praise of Buddha close to the pathway creating a soothing atmosphere.

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