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Mahabodhi Temple-Find Peace Here

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Mahabodhi Temple of Bodhgaya is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site that marks the holy ground where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment and formulated his philosophy of life. The heart of Bodhgaya is painted with the spiritual teachings of Buddha. The Mahabodhi temple is the most important temple for Buddhists. The first temple was built y Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century B.C and after many renovations and restorations, the Mahabodhi Temple was restored.

The Mahabodhi Temple is a 50m huge pyramidal spire with amazing artwork and carving. The inner sanctum of the ornate structure houses a 2m high glided imaged of a seated Buddha. There is a huge lake inside the temple premises that has Buddha statue seated at the center of it. The seven places where Buddha spent while meditating are The Sacred Bodhi Tree, Vajrasana, Animesha Lochana Chaitya, Chankamana, Ratanghara, Ajapala Nigrodha Sarovar, Muchalinda Sarovar and Rajayatna Tree. The Meditation Park has the facilities of Meditation huts, congregation and discussion courts for Buddhism. You can see many monks and devotees performing countless prostrations to the Bodhi Tree.

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