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Muchalinda Lake

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Muchalinda Lake, Bodhgaya is the exact place where Lord Buddha meditated during his sixth week of meditation. The Muchalinda Lake is inside the famous Mahabodhi Temple on the inner side. The Muchalinda Lake is large and has an adoring a huge statue of Lord Buddha in meditating posture with a Sheshnaga over top of him. The statue is settled in the middle of the lake and the boundary of the lake is beautifully built to sit and pray.

It is believed that when Buddha was meditating in the sixth week of his meditation, a severe thunderstorm occurred and to protect Buddha, the snake king Sheshnaga Muchalinda came out to protect him from the tremendous thunderstorm and heavy rain. The pond and the statue of Lord Buddha depict this epic story in a very beautiful way. The Muchalinda Lake is located on the right side of the Mahabodhi Temple.

Special in Muchalinda Lake: Beautiful lake and statue of Lord Buddha

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