Vietnamese Temple, Bodhgaya

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Vietnamese Temple, Bodhgaya

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Vietnamese Temple of Bodhgaya is one of the Buddha temples constructed near the Mahabodhi Temple to preserve and spread Buddhism and teachings of Buddha. The Vietnam Temple of Bodhgaya is the most recent construction in the place. The temple was built in collaboration with the Vietnam Government in 2002. The place is very beautiful and serene. The architecture is in Vietnamese style and it looks really attractive.

The Avalokiteshwara Statue is that of a peaceful Buddha and is mounted inside the temple. The statue of Lord Buddha is unique in the sense that it appears to be smiling. Since it is the newest temple in the area, so it reflects the state-of-the-art architectural techniques in the shrine. The temple premises is converted into a beautiful sprawling garden where you can sit and meditate. The Vietnamese Temple timing is from 7 AM to 7 PM.

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