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Dainthlen Falls-The most amazing view of Meghalaya

#Waterfall in Cherrapunji

Located just outside the city of Cherrapunji at a distance of 2 kilometers, the Dainthlen Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls of Meghalaya. The magnificent waterfall is an important tourist destination of Cherrapunji. There is also an Eco-Park nearby, which serves as a picnic spot for tourists, and a viewpoint for people to see the Dainthlen Falls from.

The splendid view of the waterfall, standing at a height of nearly 280 feet, is amplified by the natural beauty around it. The green bushes, the jutting rocky contour of the Hill, and the verdant trees surrounding the waterfall, all combine to give you a surreal experience of calm and serenity, as you look down upon the beautiful surroundings. The waterfall is named after a demon snake, Thlen, which according to locals, was killed on the cliff of this waterfall.

Special in Dainthlen Falls: Be sure to see the natural rock engravings and carvings, depicting the local legend of Thlen, which symbolises greed, evil, and corruption.

How is the weather at Dainthlen Falls

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