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Khoh Ramhah-The Pillar Rock

#Sight Seeing in Cherrapunji

Khoh Ramhah in Cherrapunji, also known as the Pillar Rock, or Mothorp, is one of the major tourist attractions of the region. The sheer magnificence of the Pillar Rock becomes the attraction for the tourists, as it is an impressive natural formation in a conical shape. Near the Pillar Rock are another two rocks, which are similar in shape, but smaller in size.

The Khoh Ramhah, or the basket of the giant as it literally translates, offers a magnificent view of not just the verdant, green Hills, but the great Sylhet Plains of Bangladesh as well. The beauty of the Khoh Ramhah is magnified by the stream flowing through the rocks, which seems like a waterfall, and the clouds surrounding the nearby hills, which provide the place with a magnificent view, which calms the soul. There is a viewpoint near the Rocks, from where you can admire the beauty and serenity of the place.

Special in Khoh Ramhah: Ask your local guide to help you see the facade of the Rock from behind, which many people miss during their trip.

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