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Kynrem Falls-The Three-Step Falls

#Waterfall in Cherrapunji

The Kynrem Falls is situated in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, and at a height of nearly 1000 ft, it is the seventh highest waterfall of India. Like many other waterfalls of the region, the Kynrem Falls, too, flow in their full swing only during the months of Monsoon, and it is thus recommended to visit these Falls just during Monsoon.

The magnificent beauty of the Kynrem Waterfall, as they tumble down from the cliff in three, visibly different steps, can be best viewed from a viewpoint situated in the Thangkharang Park nearby. Another point of interest for trekkers is, that the local guides also offer to take you through the scrubby forest, up the rocky Hill, to the trickling stream of the waterfall, with the journey offering you several wildlife experiences, such as bird-watching, and photography.

Special in Kynrem Falls: The road connecting Cherrapunji to the Bangladeshi Border offers yet another spectacular view of the Kynrem Falls, and you must have a look at the beauty of the waterfall from down below as well!

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