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Mawsmai Cave-An Underground Adventure

#Cave in Cherrapunji

The Mawsmai Caves in Cherrapunji are one of the most astoundingly beautiful tourist spots in Meghalaya. This Cave is recommended for aspiring and amateur cave explorers, as this Cave is easy to navigate through, as only a select portion of the Cave is available to the general public, which is about 150 meters, out of the total length of about 250 meters of the Cave.

The intricate, naturally made stalactites and stalagmites of limestone, which sometimes make the floor and the roof of the Cave to come together, to make the iconic pillars, is one of the unique things about Mawsmai Caves. Another interesting fact about the Mawsmai Caves, is that although the Path may seem narrow at first, yet, at some places, the roof can be up to 40 feet high, which will give you ample space to look at the detailed rock formation of the Caves, with the various colours and patterns making it seem as if the Cave were alive.

Special in Mawsmai Cave: The distance of Mawsmai Caves from Cherrapunji is about six kilometers, and the trip can be combined with the Living Root Bridges to save you time.

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