Observatory Hill, Darjeeling

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Observatory Hill, Darjeeling-Religious Site

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Observatory Hill in Darjeeling is a hill point near the Chowrasta square or The Mall which is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. The Observatory Hill is one of the oldest sites of attraction in Darjeeling and also has historical and religious significance. The Hill has various temples and shrines that make it a popular place among Hindu and Buddhist tourists.

The Observatory Hill was the site of the original Dorje Ling Monastery.
Hundreds of devotees come to a temple in a small cave to honor Mahakala, a Buddhist protector deity also worshiped in Hinduism as a wrathful avatar of Shiva the destroyer. The Mahakal Temple of Observatory Hill is a sacred place and a large number of tourists trek to the hill to visit the temple. There are several other shrines, colorful prayer flags, devotional bells and ringing notes makes the place more attractive. The pine-scented ambience is worth taking in here.

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