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Dhanaulti Eco Park

#Theme park in Dhanaulti

Eco-park is one of the major places of interest here in Dhanaulti. Divided into two parts, namely “Amber” and “Dhara”, these parks are separated by a distance of 200m. Recently developed by the Forest Department with the help of local youth, it is an endeavor empowering the residents of the hill station.

Various recreation facilities can be availed by the visitors to incorporate a streak of adventure in the trip such as horse riding and walking over the flying fox and burma bridges. Another fantastic feature is the provision of planting saplings of different tree species in the memory of the loved ones, also known as ‘memory sapling plantation.’ It is a stellar destination for fun hikes and treks filling up the lungs with a breath of fresh and crisp air. The eco-park tour will be an enjoyable experience.

How is the weather at Dhanaulti Eco Park

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