Why travel Dhankar?

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Another high altitude remote village in the cold desert of Spiti Valley. You can escape to one of the remote and beautiful attractions in Himachal Pradesh for a perfect vacation, far from the deadlines and traffic jams. Hidden deep within the mountains of Himachal Pradesh are places that are far from the clutches of high amount of tourist arrivals.

Places that are quiet, serene and provide the perfect break for those looking to switch off from the daily madness for a few days. Dhankar is home to the most beautiful and awe-inspiring Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Fort that are perched on the top of the hill in Dhankar. The green pasture, Dhankar Lake will leave you admiring the alluring display of colours. The fort monastery if the iconic monument of the village. Enjoy your stay with the rich culture of the ancient capital of Spiti Kingdom.

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6 Top Places to visit and Things to do in Dhankar

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