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Gyuto Monastery-A Gateway to Spirituality

#Monastery in Dharamshala

Gyuto Monastery is the abode of Karmapa, the head of the Kagyn Tibetan Buddhism and is known for its courses offered in Tantric Meditation, Tantric Ritual Arts and Buddhist philosophy. Located in Sidhbhari, with 8 km from Dharamshala, it can be easily accessed through road transport and can be visited perennially.

It was founded by the main discipline of the 1 st Dalai Lama in 1474 and was re-established in India in 1959 after the Chinese invasion. The teaching lineages have been passed on to younger generations of monks for more than 500 years. The main chamber of the monastery has a majestic statue of the Buddha, with a spectacular backdrop of snow-clad mountains. You can enjoy serenity and tranquility in this place and be a part of this magnificent culture and surroundings.

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