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Naam Art Gallery

#Art in Dharamshala

Naam Art Gallery is a popular tourist spot in Dharamshala. Naam Art Gallery is an artisan’s dream painted with lush green surroundings. It is a beautiful privately owned art gallery with works of the most contemporary artists of the recent times. You will see the paintings that are extraordinary and breathtaking.

It was opened in 2010 by Elizabeth Buschmann who hails from Germany. Along with her works, paintings of D.W. Hallett, a renowned English painter, have also been displayed. The preferences of both the painters are different. Buschmann uses water colors and acrylics and exhibits the innocence and the serenity of the mountains and the surroundings through art. She tries to connect intellect with reality. While Hallett’s works were made of oil paints and felicitates the culture and the essence of Himachal Pradesh.

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