Marine Aquarium and Research Centre (MARC)

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Marine Aquarium and Research Centre (MARC)

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Marine Aquarium and Research Centre, Digha is one of the largest Aquarium in Asia. It sprawls over 6 acres of land and the aquarium houses 24 large marine tanks and 10 fresh water tanks to preserve and displays more than 20 varieties of aquatic life such as live sharks, octopus, crabs, seals, sea snakes etc.

The Digha Marine Aquarium has the largest inbuilt marine aquarium in the country and equipped with sea water circulation and advanced filtration unit. If you are done with the beaches in Digha and want to explore the aquatic life, you can check into here. MARC is also a famous research centre for marine research in the country. Hundreds of visitors make it a point to view the Aquarium every day. The aquarium is opened to the public on all working days from 9:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M. It is a perfect place to try something new in Digha.

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