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Talasari Beach-Waltzing Weekend Destination

#Beach in Digha

Talasari is a beautiful beach town in the Balasore district of Odisha just 10 km away from Digha. You will find this beach the least exploited. The Talasari beach is pristine, serene and has been bestowed with a spectacular panorama. This virgin beach has sand dunes, calmer waves and several palm trees, coconut trees and several secret beaches. The beaches that you will find here are the beaches which are beyond the reach of contamination and these beaches will refresh your senses.
Talasari from New Digha is a 10 km drive which you can cover easily. You can also drive down 190km from Kolkata to Talasari beach in your car to reach here. The main places to visit near Talasari beach include Chandaneshwar Temple, the beach, the Bhusandeshwara Temple and Udaipur beach. You can move around the beach, listen to the melody of the breeze, walk along the river and also take a boat ride in the high tides in the Talasari Beach.

Special in Talasari Beach: Early morning stroll on the hard sand of Talsari beach

How is the weather at Talasari Beach

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